9 Simple Ways To Increase Your Fish Catches

Whether you are an experienced angler or a newcomer, you always want to catch lots of fish. If you catch few or no fish at all then it can be such a wasted day. Hundreds of anglers turn away from fishing because they don’t catch enough to make it worth their while and it’s a big shame. Fishing is a fun activity but unfortunately, anglers, especially newcomers often struggle to increase the number of fish they catch. So, here are a few simple but effective ways to help increase the numbers.

Pick the Ideal Spot

It doesn’t matter what type of fish you hope to catch, if you don’t choose the right location you won’t catch a single fish. The location you choose can determine your success with fishing and you need to be a little smart in your approach. You don’t necessarily need to choose a spot where most anglers use, just somewhere that is going to attract most fish.

Use Sharp Hooks

It might seem a little stupid to point out anglers need to use sharp hooks however; you would be surprised at the amount of people using blunt hooks. In order to have success with fishing and increase the amount of fish you can catch, you need to use sharp hooks. It doesn’t take too long to sharpen up the hooks and it can be beneficial when you want to boost the number of fish caught in a day.

Live Bait

Every angler is different in terms of how they approach ice fishing but the type of bait used will determine how successful they are. Live bait is necessary and using insects which are native to the water you are fishing in is important. If you don’t use the correct bait then the amount of fish you’ll catch isn’t going to improve; instead of using the wrong bait, use insects fish eat in their daily lives. This will give you the very best chance to increase the amount of fish you can catch.

Artificial lures are good in some cases; however, your best bet is to stick with live bait because it’s more effective. Using the wrong bait will only lead you to wasting your money and time in the long run.

Understand How to Set the Hooks

Most newcomers struggle with this simply because they are inexperienced. However, you need to set your hooks up correctly in order to catch fish. Incorrect set hooks can often lead to fish escaping and that isn’t what you want. Learning how the hooks need to be set up can ensure you increase the amount of fish you can catch.

High Quality Rods Are Important

Poorly constructed rods are going to break fast especially when you’re reeling in a big fish. If you spend money on the wrong rods, you aren’t just wasting money but time fishing because you aren’t going to do a lot with these. When you invest money in a good quality-made rod, it will help you to catch more fish.

Quality rods are an investment but you see a return on your investment by the amount of fish you can catch. Stronger rods are able to reel in more fish and do you really want to waste money buying rod after rod? Of course not and you don’t need to when you buy high quality rods. However, you must be careful and choose the right fishing rods for a long time.

Fish at the Right Times

Most fish like to feed at certain times of the day such as at dawn and when the sun is setting. It makes sense they would go out in search for food mostly at these times and it might be the best time for you too. Anyone who wants to increase the amount of fish they can catch should go hunting when the fish come out to feed because they will be more attracted to your live bait than at other times during the day. This is something you must consider when it comes to increasing your fish count.

Use Two Lines

You can double your chances of making a successful catch when there are more fishing lines out there. It makes perfect sense and it is so easy to set up fishing lines and leaving them to attract the fish. When one of the lines attracts a fish, you can reel the fish in; and even though this seems like an obvious option, many don’t think about it. Having two or even more lines set up can increase your chances of catching fish greatly.

Move When Fish Aren’t Biting

If the fish aren’t coming to you, you need to come to them. Sometimes, it’s best to move locations to increase the chances of catching a fish and while it might be a pain to you it can be successful. You could stick to a certain area for an hour or two and if it looks to be a very slow day pack up and move elsewhere. There is no point in sticking to a location that isn’t attracting the fish.

Educate Yourself on the Local Fishing Spot

There are going to be dozens of potential fishing areas to choose from and it can be extremely difficult to know which attracts the most fish. However, if you want to increase your catch count then you need to get to know the very best fishing areas. Learn about certain zones you want to fish in and get to know whether or not it’s a prime location for fishing. There are going to be a lot of prime fishing spots and when you find even one of them, you have the potential to boost your catches significantly.

Love Fishing

Being able to boost the amount of fish you can catch will be important because as most will understand, it’s terribly frustrating to sit all day and catch one fish! Not having a good fish catch is annoying at the best of times and usually it means anglers walk away. You don’t want this and you shouldn’t be left sitting for hours without a catch. When you know simple ways to increase your fish catches it can make the waiting worthwhile.