The Top 10 Tips For Successful Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is great; it presents most with a wonderful new challenge and thousands try their hand at it each year. However, beginners often find fly fishing a difficult task simply because they don’t have much luck. It can be troubling because you can actually spend a good ten or twelve hours in the same spot and catch absolutely nothing! It doesn’t have to be this way, not when you have a few tips under your belt.

If you want to know how to become successful whilst out on the open sea, read on and find the top 10 tips for fly fishing. They may just come in use one day.

Dress Appropriately

It doesn’t matter what time of the day or month you’re heading out to do a bit fly fishing, you always must wear the right clothing. Now, most wouldn’t see how dressing appropriately could help someone have success when fly fishing but it can. You aren’t being hampered by incorrect garments meaning you have full use of your movements and you can easily reel in the better fish without worrying if you get hurled into the water.

Firstly, you need some good thick woolen socks to help fight the cold; cotton is good but wool offers a little more comfort and is much better to keep the feet warm. Ideally you want to have a few good layers on so that you fight the cold and in all honesty, it isn’t just the winter months that you will find it gets cold. As everyone knows the weather can change very quickly and even when its spring or summer, things can get very chilly, very fast so it’s best to use a few good layers to help insulate your body heat.

Fleece-line pants, undershirts, polo or zip neck shirts are necessary along with a heavy jumper and a wind and waterproof coat. You need to be able to stave off the cold and most people forget this and some think what you wear whilst fishing won’t help to succeed but it will. When you wear the right clothing you have a better frame of mind and it will keep you focused on catching the fish more than fighting the cold.

Find the Best Spot for Fly Fishing

Every stretch of water is different from the next whether it’s a lake, ocean or stream but they all have one thing in common – when the weather is bad, getting a catch is harder. You may have a spot picked out but during the course of the year, this ideal spot may not be so ideal.

Sometimes, certain streams are best at certain peaks of the year, when the fish is in high numbers. For example if a stream close to you offered the best fly fishing during May, June and July, this would be your spot for those months but when the peak season faded away, you search elsewhere. You cannot solely rely on hot stream or lake when you want to have success with fly fishing because throughout the year there are going to be high times and low times and it means the place you think is best won’t be. Alternating to several spots during the year may allow you to catch more fish.

Use the Right Fishing Rod for Your Targets

When you’re going fly fishing you need to think wisely about what fish you want to reel in. For example if you were focusing your efforts on trout or salmon you would need to use a rod specifically designed to catch these. It doesn’t matter which type of fish you want to catch, you always need to use the right rods otherwise you will waste a lot of time.

Choose Your Timings Carefully

Ideally you don’t want to go out fishing later than noon because the best fishing opportunities have past. If you miss the key times to head out then you are not going to have much success when it comes to fly fishing. When in doubt, head out early in the morning and you should be able to catch a few tasty fish.

Have a Strategy for Success

Before you head out onto the open waters you need to have a plan of attack as to how you will approach fly fishing. For example, will you remain in the same location for the entire day or will you split the day up when the fish aren’t playing ball with you? This is important to think about because if you don’t come up with a plan or strategy you can lose an entire day. However, when you carefully plan how you will attract the fish you can be a lot more successful.

Research the Area

You are choosing a certain lake, ocean or stream to go fly fishing in and it can go one of two ways. It can go very good or extremely bad; however, when you want to be successful with fly fishing and start catching more fish, you need to know the area. Researching the specific area you are choosing to go fly fishing can determine how successful your day will be because if the area has a reputation of poor fishing numbers, you know it’s not the ideal spot to set up.

Get to know the area first before casting out your lines.

Start Off Small

Targeting the largest of fish is not always the wisest move when you’re just starting out with fly fishing. Of course, you may be that very lucky one who manages to bag an extremely large catch but let’s face it, unless you have some serious fly fishing skills, it won’t happen! However, you don’t need to become a die-hard hardened angler just yet; you have plenty of time to do so. Instead, you want to focus on the smaller targets which will give you good experience.

Stick To the Right Equipment

Most fly fishing beginners often start out with the wrong tools. It’s important to start off with rods suitable for beginners simply because it is what your skill levels are suited to. Smaller rods also allow you to get a few successful catches under your belt too giving you the confidence to improve and learn more. This is where every fly fishing angler starts out and it’s important to have the right tools and equipment to become a success.

The Bait Used Is Crucial

When you are fly fishing you need to know or understand what type of fish you’re focusing on because you need to use the correct bait. Anglers will know how crucial the bait can be because if the wrong bait is used, the chances of catching a fish reduce significantly and it’s a wasted day. Instead, you need to look at watch fish you are targeting so that the right bait can be used to help lure them to your fishing line.

Know the Weather

Thousands of fly fishers don’t take the weather conditions into consideration when they go out but the weather can have a huge impact on success. The reason why simple, if the weather is causes disruption to the ocean or stream floor, the fish will effectively be scared off and it won’t be easy to get a catch. You could end up wasting hours and you aren’t going to learn anything than when not to fish.

Find Success

Fly fishing can be so easy and any beginner who wants to learn can learn. The above tips are just ten factors that may allow you to be a little more successful when fly fishing. Why not try them out? They may just help you.