Choosing The Right Ice Fishing Equipment

Ice fishing equipment has rapidly changed and more importantly, has become a lot safer in the past few years and it is all down to modern technology. Things have progressed massively compared to only a few decades ago but it does offer most the chance to keep their favorite sports alive and a little safer too.

Modern technology allows those going ice fishing the chance to go mobile offering more comfortable and better fishing capabilities. However, what equipment should you be looking to take on your next ice fishing trip?

The Wheel House

If you are going ice fishing, you are going to need a wheel house. Now, a wheel house is great and is now more versatile than ever before. Back in the old days it would take a good three to four hours to move the ice house or shack to another location and usually it wasn’t worth it. However, the new wheel house can be attached to the truck and moved easily to the next location without any fuss or hassle.

Ice Fishing Plastics

Plastics are really quite important for modern anglers because very few want to use live bait anymore. For a start bait can be costly especially if you don’t catch anything and secondly, who really wants to make a trip to the local bait shop when plastics are there? Exactly but these amazing little ice fishing plastics are great because they offer the chance to catch a great deal more fish simply because of the scent they give out.

The plastics work like live bait, the fish are attracted to them and when they bite, you simply need to reel them in. Of course, some will say live bait is the key and everyone is different so while you may not like the idea of the plastics, you can always fall back on live bait. This is an angler’s individual choice because only you know what works best.

An Underwater Camera

Now, a lot of people would say using an underwater ice fishing camera is cheating and takes all the fun out of ice fishing but it is a useful piece of equipment. Just think about how easy it can be to safely find out what is going on underneath the surface?! You can use the camera to find out whether or not your bait is attracting the fish and if not, you can of course make adjustments to help catch more.

Glow Jigs

These seem a little odd at times, especially when you’re just starting out however, glow jigs can be a very sought after tool. Glow jigs allow you to increase the chances of catching more fish because of the light they send out. If you are struggling to get a bite then you could consider using these instead to help attract the fish a little more. They do work and you might find the number of fish coming to your line is boosted significantly.

A Modern Rod

Most modern ice fishing rods have been designed so that they offer high quality results. The rods of today actually allow you to fight with the fish and reel them in a lot easier than ever before. Newer rods are a lot better because they are more versatile in a way and can allow you to comfortably draw in the fish. Yes, old school fishing rods are good but they aren’t as good as the new modern designed ones.

A Portable Shelter

There are many new shelters available today which put the old ones to shame. There are lots of great house-like shelters which are perfect for ice fishing and you should be trying these out. They are so versatile because they’re lightweight and very easy to move from one location to another. This gives everyone the chance to pack up and move to a new destination without too much trouble. These shelters even heat up pretty quickly so you are never out in the cold for too long.


GPS for ice fishing? It sounds crazy doesn’t it but using GPS can allow most the chance to make the day go a lot smoother. When you use GPS you can find the best spots, some of which aren’t even on the local maps. However, GPS can really be a useful tool to have no matter which part of the world you plan to go ice fishing at.

Ice Auger

When you go ice fishing you need to have a tool to make the holes in the ice and you ideally need something which is fast and effective. There cannot be anything better than the gas powered ice auger. These are nifty little tools that can cut through ice in seconds giving those with the prime spot the chance to catch a bite faster than ever before.

Portable Propane Heater

A portable heater is crucial for anyone going ice fishing. You are sitting out in the cold for hours and you must have a way to stay warm. The portable propane heaters can be good and they heat up shelters within minutes meaning you can easily get away from the cold, even if it’s only until you get another bite.

Use the Best Ice Fishing Equipment

In today’s world, the technology on offer is staggering but it means fishing enthusiasts can experience ice fishing like never before. Yes, there will be many who say using technology in fishing is wrong and that it takes away something from the experience however, it really doesn’t. Technology has enhanced the way people go ice fishing and may have made it a lot easier and safer for all.

Ice fishermen of years past didn’t have half the equipment available today but they missed out so much. Thousands spent days on end trying to catch one little fish and ended up returning home empty handed and it was demoralizing. However, there is so much on offer and even if you aren’t choosing fancy sonar or GPS, you still need to go ice fishing with the proper equipment. The latest equipment today are all high-tech and they can be very useful.