A Full Buying Guide For The Best Spinning Reel

Fishing has been at the heart of cultures since the beginning of time and it isn’t hard to see why. However, as more look to take up fishing, thousands choose a spinning reel or a baitcasting reel which isn’t right for them. This not only wastes time but money and few today has that luxury.

The following is a very simple buying guide that may aid you when searching for the best spinning reel.

Educate Yourself with the Basics of Spinning Reels

First and foremost, when you are looking to buy the best spinning reel you have to know what you’re looking for. This means, if you know absolutely nothing you must learn the basics of a fishing reel. It not only allows you to understand all the terms used but gives you a clearer idea of what you need to be searching for also.

This can also apply to experts and those who have been out the fishing scene for a while. It never hurts to brush up on the basics because they are often the most important factors to remember today.

Look At the Body of the Reel

Every reel is made differently, as such, a variety of materials are used to create the reels. This will often impact the cost of the reels as well. For example, spinning reels made from cast aluminum or graphite can often be a little more costly and they would be predominately used for freshwater fishing. The materials can determine the quality of the reel because if it isn’t strong or durable it is less likely to last long.

However, you also need to take into consideration the materials of the gear box housing, the mounting foot and support arm – all of which are found within the reel’s body. It may not seem all that important but the materials and their quality will actually be an important factor when it comes to buying the best spinning reel.

Consider the Drag

Another important factor to consider when looking for the best spinning reel is the drag. Usually this isn’t used until after the fish has taken the bait and hooks onto the line. It is the drag or the test line which is going to fight the fish and you need a spinning reel with a good drag so that the fish doesn’t break the line.

What Bearings Come With The Reel?

When you are looking for the best spinning reel you need to consider the amount of ball bearings it comes with. This might not seem relevant now or even be something you think about however, it can be crucial in the long-run.

Each spinning reel comes with a set of ball bearings which are contained internally. The gears of the reel can be effectively stripped down when there isn’t enough bearings. The reel can also become jerky which means you aren’t going to be too successful when fishing. There are a number of problems which can arise and ultimately it isn’t good.

However, when you are buying the best spinning reel you need to consider the amount of ball bearings it comes with. Ideally you want one with at least four or more bearings; the more the better in most cases. You probably haven’t given a second thought to the bearings but it will be something which is vital when making your final decision.

Look At the Gears and Spool of the Spinning Reels

This part can get very confusing but hang in there. Spinning reels come with a spool and the spool is fixed into the reel. The spool wraps up the fishing line but cleanly, meaning there is a less likely chance the line will snag or catch onto something that will break it. When you are looking at spinning reels you need to consider the gears.

You should look for reels with metal gears as these are generally much more stable and reliable. Plastic gears can easily be stripped away and broken which is why metal is the preferred option. If the drag is overly tight then the gears could potentially break and that means the reel is worthless now.

Select the Right Size for Your Fishing Abilities

A crucial element in selecting the right spinning reel is often down to the size of the reel. If you use a reel which is too big then it will get in the way when you’re fishing and if you choose a reel which is too small then you are likely to lose the fish. It can be quite a balancing act because you need to find a reel which is suitable for the spinning reel and fish you want to catch.

Spinning reels are available in a variety of sizes which mean you have to know what type of fish you’re aiming for so that you can choose a suitable reel. You need to remember that you have to be careful in the size because if you don’t get the right one, it can hamper your fishing efforts.

Taking a Closer Look at Ultra-Light Reels

Ultralight spinning reels have become very popular for thousands of anglers worldwide. These spinning reels are designed to be compact and can handle a test line between two pounds and six. Now, despite what you might think, the ultra-light spinning reels are fantastic for those who want to do a spot of stream fishing. These can handle catching trout and a lot of smaller fish and if you are just starting out this might be something you’re interested in.

Taking a Closer Look at Light Medium Reels

If you want a multi-purpose spinning reel then the light medium spinning reels are the ones to go for. These are more standard in terms of size and can handle test lines anywhere from eight pounds to fourteen or fifteen pounds which are very impressive. If you want to do small fishing, these are not the spinning reels for you as they are pretty big and work best for larger lakes and fish. These reels are best when trying to catch catfish and even bass.

The PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reel

For those who are interested in hunting bigger game, this PENN Spinfisher V spinning reel should be able to handle most. Yes, you have to be extremely wary of the size of fish you take on but mostly than can handle a great deal. It is not only impressively designed but is very balanced too. That is an important feature because there is such quality on offer.

The anodized aluminum super-line spool is an excellent feature and one which gives the users more quality from start to finish. The drag system which is sealed HT-100 Slammer, is fantastic and really gives every angler the chance to fish how they like. The instant anti-reverse feature not only looks good but is very effective indeed.

The PENN Spinfisher V also comes with five ball bearings, shielded stainless steel which is perfect. Basically this means the spinning reel is strong and it will help to ensure the gears aren’t worn away or stripped down after a few uses. Also, the price for the spinning reel is actually not as costly as you would think. It isn’t dirt cheap but reasonable priced which is something you want to consider when searching for the best spinning reel.

The Pflueger Patriarch Spinning Reel

The Pflueger Patriarch comes with a nifty anti reverse feature which allows you to prevent any backslap. The spinning reel looks very modern and is designed very well indeed. There is a lot of stability on offer with this reel.

If you opt for the carbon handle then you are going to find that offers less weight, but that can be a good thing. This is quite lightweight meaning that despite its lightweight appearance, it can handle a decent amount of weight. Also, you can head out to the best fishing spots and use this whether you are doing a spot of afternoon fishing or catch-and-release fishing. Professional and amateur anglers could benefit from using this spinning reel as it does come with a lot of quality in many ways.

In particular, the drag which is a carbon inlay is really impressive. This type of drag will give most the ability to get more control. The drag feature is crucial because when you have hooked a fish and it starts to run, you are the one with the control. This means you get a better chance of catching the fish and the drag can reduce weight as well which again is very important. Also, the price for the Pflueger is very reasonable as well.

The Shimano Stradic 2500 Spinning Front Drag

The Shimano is reinforced carbon fiber which is very impressive because it ultimately means the strength of the spinning reel is stronger – much stronger than previous models. This is not only good for those who want more value for money but also to make the catch much easier. The Shimano is able to offer a drag of fifteen pounds and that is at full weight.

The ball bearings are extremely good as there are six of them and they offer to balance out the spinning reel very nicely. Of course, the thread in handle attachment can be good for those who want something extra. The waterproof drag is quite a nice feature and something which is rarely seen in many modern spinning reels. However, if you want to do some saltwater fishing then the Shimano is suitable to use as well which is great especially if you want more option.

The design however is modern but there is something of a retro twist to it which adds to the charm and reliability. There is something about the Shimano which screams out quality and maybe it is down to its finishing but it is definitely one of the best spinning reels available today. Its price is fairly good as well and for those with a restricted budget or those who just don’t want to spend too much, this may be the best option to consider.

The Daiwa STT6500H Saltist Salt Water Spinning Reel

The Daiwa has to be one of the best spinning reels available today. It not only looks good but offers quality which is what every angler is searching for. However, it doesn’t have an overly costly price even though it’s very good looking. Now, depending on where you shop for this Daiwa, you should be able to get it for a few hundred dollars, if not slightly less, again it depends on where you shop and when you buy.

The materials that make up the spinning reel is very high end, high grade meaning the spinning reel is quite strong and durable. This is a feature you want to keep a close eye out for because the materials are a crucial part of a reel. If the materials aren’t high quality, the reel doesn’t last long however the Daiwa does offer a lot of good materials.

This model has in fact been highly recommended by professionals around the world. There aren’t many reels that can say the same which is why this is one of the best spinning reels available. The infinite anti reverse feature is extremely good and the power handle is a great feature as well. It is quite durable and can handle most types of medium sized fish.

The Abu Garcia Revo Premier Spinning Reel

Firstly, an important factor to note when choosing the Abu Garcia spinning reel is its price tag. The cost for this isn’t very high at all, not what you would expect for a quality spinning reel. However, its corrosive protected bearings have to be the standout feature for the spinning reel.

This is something which you want to look for because when the bearings start to rust or corrode, the reel starts to fail. Since the Abu Garcia comes with special bearings that are resistant to corrosion, it ensures this reel can last a lot longer than many others making it one of the best spinning reels to consider.

The interchanging handle allows for those who are right handed and left handed to use the reel without any trouble. This is such an important feature because while most reels offer changeable handles or cranks, there are still many that do not. The sealed carbon matrix drag system is quite an important feature also. This will help to ensure the drag pressure is smooth and consistent from start to finish. However, the Abu Garcia is durable which is something every angler wants to consider. It is very strong and reliable no matter what you are going to be aiming for.

What You Need To Remember

When it comes to buying the best spinning reel, it may all come down to what type of fish you are specifically aiming for. Now, if you still don’t know at this stage you are in serious trouble because you are likely to buy the wrong reel. However, if you know the type of fish you are going to be after then buying a spinning reel can be a lot easier; and hopefully you should have an idea of what the best are by now.

Also, if you want to get the best results then you need to ensure the fishing line being used matches up with the rod and the spinning reel. This can be crucial when it comes to fishing because if you don’t have the right combination, you can end up letting a big catch go. You have to buy the best spinning reel as well as match this up with a top quality fishing rod and fishing line to be a successful angler.