The Best Ultralight Spinning Reels

Most people struggle to find the best ultralight spinning reel simply because there are so many reels to choose from. It can be incredibly difficult to make a decision since the market is full of great reels. However, there are some stipulations as to what makes an ultralight spinning reel.

Ultra light spinning reels usually weighs in at less than eight ounces in most cases and the lighter the better. Ultra light reels are designed to be very light and also comes with small costs as well; though of course, each spinning reel varies depending on where the reel is purchased from. However, they can all be used for a variety of fish, usually of the smaller varieties.

Beginners can in fact look to the lightweight spinning reels as well when they are just starting out. They can be one of the best to help give newcomers the ability to learn how to handle a reel and get some experience also. However, everyone can use these reels whether they have a lot of experience or none at all.

The Retrieve Rate

Another important factor to know about when it comes to finding the best light spinning reel is the retrieve rate. Now this is very important because light weights are quite delicate and you shouldn’t have any more than twenty five or twenty six inches of retrieve. It can become very tiring to handle because you probably will only be bait fishing which may not be what you want to aim for. This may not seem all that important now but it can be once you’re out there on the open waters.

Anti Reverse System

One of the crucial pieces within a spinning reel has to be the anti reverse system. You want to look for a reel with an infinitive anti reverse feature because it ensures better quality and more stability. It can be a lot easier to fish with as well so you probably want to consider this when searching for the best ultralight spinning reel.

The Drag

High quality spinning reels often come with calibrated and smooth drag features and this will be something you have to keep a close eye over. When you have an ultra light spinning reel, the drag is one of the most important features and it needs to be correctly used so that the reel works accordingly. If a drag system doesn’t run correctly then it is make successfully catching fish a lot tougher.

Smooth Gear Train

The gear train is something that you need to consider most of all because when the gears don’t run smoothly it can cause a lot of trouble. Spinning reels can often break when the gears aren’t good and this can mean you waste a lot of time and money. Instead of doing this, you need to look at how good the gears look and how smoothly they run also.

Know Which Works For Your Needs

One factor which you need to remember is that there are a lot of great light spinning reels to choose from and as such you can’t jump into a decision. You have to choose the best and that means finding the one which is most suited for you. This is something which most forget but it will be important to consider.

The following are five of the best ultralight spinning reels to consider choosing.

The Pflueger President Spinning 4 Pound 100 Yard Reel

The President Spinning reel offers up nine stainless steel ball bearings which is going to help ensure the gears remain strong and in good form from the very first use up until the last. The spinning reel not only has a simple design but one which really stands up. The reel is strong and made from titanium which helps to ensure the reel stays in one piece for as long as possible. However, the braid ready spool is a nice feature to include along with the one way instant anti reverse clutch bearing. This isn’t a feature which is often seen so most will enjoy this nifty feature.

The great thing about the Pflueger President Spinning reel is that the cost for the 4 pound 100 yard reel is quite affordable. Now, price might not be a deciding factor for some but for many it can be and let’s be honest, you aren’t going to get a cheaper model than this. However, despite the small price, the Pflueger is really one of the very best. The quality is there and even though you aren’t paying anywhere near $100, it still is very much impressive. If you want a strong spinning reel, the Pflueger President is really a top option and one of the very best.

The Okuma Fishing Tackle Helios Lightweight Spinning Reel

One of the best lightweight spinning reels has to be the Okuma Fishing tackle Helios lightweight spinning reel. Now, firstly, it is very light, extremely lightweight in fact and while you may be a bit concerned over the weight, it isn’t what you think. This is going to be one of the very best options to consider when you want a light but strong spinning reel and to be honest, the Okuma does offer both. It’s strong but light and offers up a new way to see spinning reels.

In fact Okuma’s new Helios is some of the very best ultralight spinning reels of today. The reels come with a new long strand carbon fiber C40X technology and this makes the reel much more appealing. It not only helps to make it lighter by a quarter but fifty percent stronger too and that is going to be something you love to hear. The Helios however does look absolutely wonderful and the aluminum and brass gear system is fantastic too.

The Helios drag handle and knob arm is a simple feature but one which stands out. The side plates are strong too and it is corrosive resistant too. The price is a little more costly than some other models such as the previous Pflueger but it is very good quality and not over the top either. If you want more costly option the Okuma Helios is the one for you. It is in fact one of the best light spinning reel models available today.

The KastKing Sharky II Waterproof Spinning Reel

One of the best lightweight spinning reel variants available today has to be the KastKing Sharky II. This not only looks good but is very much affordable. Now, price can be at times very important and this spinning reel comes with an exceptionally low price. It is very strange how one of the best ultralight spinning reel models is actually very low in price but the Sharky II is. Despite its price however, it is able to offer a lot of quality and that is crucial for most.

The spinning reel comes with a graphite body frame which is perfect because it is corrosion resistant. This is actually very important because you don’t want a reel which is going to become corroded easily and the Sharky certainly isn’t. The reel is also very durable and incredibly strong despite the fact it is one of the best light spinning reel models available today.

The carbon fiber drag system is quite impressive and will be a standout feature for most. However, the ten ball bearings that accompany the spinning reel looks absolutely fantastic. If you want a reliable reel, the KastKing Sharky II has to be one of the best ultralight spinning reel models. It looks small but it is very much powerful.

The Shimano Sienna FD Spinning Reel

One of the best ultralight spinning reel models available today is the Shimano Sienna and it isn’t hard to see why. The graphite frame not only looks good but allows most anglers the ability to fish flawlessly. The anti reverse Super Stopper II system is such a wonderful system; and the spinning reel is well balanced.

One of the best reasons to consider the Shimano Sienna is simply its price. Now, for most they aren’t really going to care too much about the cost but that doesn’t mean to say it isn’t still something to consider. Yes, you aren’t going to be paying anywhere near one hundred dollars, probably close to fifty or sixty dollars if that but that doesn’t mean to say the spinning reel isn’t worth its quality. The Sienna really does have a lot of quality and that is what makes the reel, one of the best light spinning reel of today.

The Shimano Sienna is very much a tower of strength and even though it handles most of the smaller of lighter fish, it can handle quite a lot. That is why more are going to look at this spinning reel and to be honest; it offers a nice smooth fishing experience.

The Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel

As one of the best lightweight spinning reel options available, the Okuma Trio has a unique quality about it. Whether you plan to use it every weekend or once every few months, the Trio is truly a top spinning reel to consider. However, some would say this is best for the more serious of fishermen but actually it is suitable for everyone; from beginners to experts. That is the beauty of the Okuma.

Of course, the Okuma Trio spinning reel comes with a super low price and it is something to admire. Usually you don’t see a lot of spinning reels with an affordable price tag so it does make sure the Okuma stands out for the best. It has to be one of the best ultralight spinning reel models today.

The Okuma is technically a hybrid because it comes with an aluminum lip with a graphic arbor so it is very much unique. However, the graphic body is strong along with the impressive design also. The drag system which is a precision dual force system is impressive and overall does what it needs to do. This is something that most fishermen will love and it isn’t difficult to see why. The Okuma trio is one of the best lightweight spinning reels available.