When And Where Is The Best Time To Go Ice Fishing?

If you are looking for a fun new adventure this winter, there can be nothing better than ice fishing! Really, when you step out onto the icy lake and wait for the fish to bite, it’s magical and you are just going to love it. There is nothing better than ice fishing and even though it doesn’t jump out immediately as a fun activity, it will. You are going to love the experience you can get from ice fishing but when and where are the best spots to choose?

Lake Baikal

One of the very best locations for ice fishing must be Lake Baikal which is found in the South East region of Siberia in Russia. This is one of the coldest places on earth and probably one of the top options for those looking to go ice fishing. Lake Baikal actually is the deepest freshwater lake in the world standing at 750 meters making it the perfect spot for ice fishing.

However, since Lake Baikal has some of the coldest temperatures around you have to be extra careful. Average temperatures in the region can reach anywhere from minus twenty to minus thirty and far beyond too! If you are heading out here, you are very brave because ice fishing here isn’t for the faint at heart. Though, Lake Baikal is beautiful and you will never forget your trip here.

Ideally, you should head out somewhere between October and February as these are the best times to go. When you arrive you can take a trip, a guided trip, across the lake and get to know the history behind the region. You can go ice fishing and learn so much about the local culture at the same time. You will love it truly!

Pigeon Lake

Canada is one of the top countries to head to when you want to go on a spot of fishing and Pigeon Lake won’t disappoint. Located in Alberta, Pigeon Lake offers the best location for those looking to catch whitefish. You are not going to need a great deal of equipment here just a good fishing rod and the right bait (maggots mostly).

Of course, Pigeon Lake is absolutely beautiful so while you will love to take in a spot of ice fishing, you may also want to explore the local area too. Primarily, September and November are prime times for fishing here.

Cold Lake

This beautiful ice fishing hot spot is also found in Alberta in Canada and is a great place to start fishing. However, here you are going to find trout and you are not going to be left disappointed. The trout in Cold Lake can reach weight of more than fifteen kilos and that is just an average count!

If you want to head out to Cold Lake you are going to need some serious skills! You are going to need a strong rod and good bait to attract the trout. The trout won’t give up without a fight and you are going to have to find some serious strength to haul in a few of these fighters.

Manistique Lakes

Found in the US State of Michigan, Manistique Lakes offer some of the best fishing prospects. Now, this is more for the family and is best during the coldest winter months; usually, November, December and January and you have three moderately sized lakes to contend with. Don’t be put off that you have three smaller lakes because they are still great and have lots of options on offer from pikes to bass and everything in-between.

If you want to get the entire family involved then Manistique Lakes will be the best place to choose. This is suitable for everyone and if you want to teach the kids how to ice fish, this is the number one spot for them.

Mondeaux Flowage

Mondeaux Flowage can be found in Wisconsin in the Chequamegon National Forest and is one of the most beautiful locations ever. However, be warned, to get to this gorgeous fishing hot spot you are going to need to go via snowmobile since its isolated. There are going to be a few good fishing options here from panfish to Northern pike and you will love the scenery!

Tampere Region

The Tampere Region is found within Finland and has to be one of the top class spots for ice fishing today! There is no better spot in Finland than here and it does offer every angler the chance to catch a lot of fish and some amazing scenery too.

The ice fishing season starts around November and it offers most, even inexperienced anglers, the chance to catch an array of fish from trout to perch and pike. There are plenty of beautiful lakes to admire within the region and you can choose any of them to go ice fishing on. The city of Tampere is gorgeous too and is one of the most perfect locations for those who want to mix a family holiday with a bit of ice fishing!


Located in Greenland, Ammassalik is a top ice fishing location to travel to. Ammassalik is actually a very secluded place to visit but one which almost every hardened ice fisher travels too. The halibut caught here can outweigh any other fish you have ever caught – they are massive – and you are going to find this is an once-in-a-lifetime experience no doubt about it.

However, if you are going to attempt to catch the halibut here you will need some serious skills! This isn’t for the faint at heart and there will be a lot of challenges but it’ll also be great fun for you.

River Lulea

If you want to head out to the River Lulea then you will head out over to Lapland! Really, you head out into Sweden’s Lapland region and here you can catch a variety of fish from salmon to trout and lots more. You might benefit from hiring a guide to help show you around the area and give you some much needed information about the local fishing area too.

Where Will You Choose?

The above locations are just some of the top options to consider when it comes to ice fishing and they are all amazing places to visit. If you have the money to go travelling then you can experience some of the harshest winter conditions and enjoy the best ice fishing spots or if you want to stay close to home, you can still have fun.

No matter where you choose to go ice fishing, enjoy the experience because it is so unique.