Which Is The Best Stand Up Fishing Kayak?

Kayak fishing is fantastic and something most will love but imagine you standing up on your kayak whilst you fish? Yes, it is a scary thought but one which is possible. However, while you can stand up to fish on your kayak you do need the right one. You can’t try fish standing up unless you have a kayak which can support you in every way possible.

The Best Stand up Fishing Kayak

This has been mentioned a few times already by professionals and anglers worldwide but it isn’t hard to see why. The Old Town Predator 13 is one of the top quality fishing kayaks of today and not just to stand up with. It isn’t a typical or average fishing kayak; it is the best stand up fishing kayak and all round great kayak. Yes, it isn’t perfect but nothing is.

It might not appear as though the Predator 13 is suitable for standing up in but you can. The seat will need to be removed first but this is difficult. If you plan to remove the seats for the duration of the fishing trip then you are best to remove them before setting out to the water. This can be a bit of pain but once you get used to how this works, it isn’t too difficult. However, there is no real need to remove the seat as you can fold it forwards and alter its position to make it easier to stand up.

The Old Town Predator 13 comes with this beautiful tri hull design which helps to ensure the stability of the kayak. There aren’t many fishing kayaks that have a tri hull design so it does make the Predator the best stand up fishing kayak. The kayak isn’t likely to tip over unless you throw yourself all the way over to one side and even then it will be hard to do. However, the polyethylene which is what the kayak is made from is the element which gives you the ability to stand and still ensure the kayak is strong.

There is a lovely slip resistant feature along with an assist strap to help you stand. Despite the fact the Predator seats one person it can carry the load of almost two people; it can carry four hundred and twenty five pounds which is great. There are not many single capacity kayaks which can handle this amount so it’s impressive the Predator can. There is plenty of storage on board so that you can easily travel with all the necessary fishing items.

The only real drawback to the Predator is its weight. Now, it does weigh at seventy two pounds which does seem quite heavy. Some may find carrying this from their home to their fishing spot is hard but having said that the quality is there to overshadow this feature. It is three feet in length so you need to be careful how you transport this.

There aren’t many drawbacks in using the best stand up fishing kayak. However, the minor flaws are outweighed by the positives and the quality provided. There are not many kayaks that can offer as high a quality as with the Predator so you have to remember that.