What Is The Best Spinning Reel For Your Budget?

The market is full of spinning reels and trying to pick out the best can often be difficult. Whether you’re interested in professional fishing or otherwise, you need to find the best spinning reel worth the money you pay. This isn’t as difficult as you think and you may even be surprised with what you can find.

Serious or Amateur?

When you are searching for the best spinning reel worth the money you have to think about whether or not you are happy to invest a lot of money into a reel that is rarely used. Now, the best means something different to everyone because while some may be searching for the best of the best, some just want the best reel that suits their needs.

If you aren’t going to use your spinning reel most weekends then you shouldn’t be overspending because it can be a terrible waste. The first thing you have to think about when searching for value is how often the reel will be used. If you plan to use the reel once every two or three months then you probably aren’t looking at high end reels.

However, if you want to get into fishing as a serious hobby or pastime then you may want to consider the high end reels. The higher end reels are usually more costly but they usually last longer than some of the cheaper reels available. While you may not think too much about this when starting your search it’s worth noting because you can easily waste hundreds of dollars on a reel that is used once a year, if that.

The Best Spinning Reel worth Its Value

While some might disagree with this choice, the Okuma Avenger ABF may in fact be the best spinning reel for the money you spend. Now, everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to the best but the Okuma is definitely one of the very best. It has become of the world’s most popular spinning reels and for good reason.

Firstly, the Okuma weighs in slightly over the sixteen ounce mark but despite its weight, it offers up an impressive graphite body. Reels with graphite bodies will not corrode when used in salt water which is perfect if you plan to go salt water fishing or a mixture of both salt and fresh water fishing. There aren’t many spinning reels which are non-corrosive so right there the Okuma is a highly rated reel.

However the spinning reel also comes with a great auto trip bait feeding system which can make it a lot easier for anglers. The reel is one of the very best spinning reels worth the money you pay; and you are able to use live bait which can be more beneficial in catching fish than artificial bait. With the auto trip bait feeding system, it will allow you to be in better control. The fish can be attracted to the bait you’re using and then go for the bait and even swim away without having any resistance.

The fish feels as though it’s safe to consume the bait and then it becomes hooked. This not only means the fight can be over a lot quicker but without the need of putting in too much effort either. The Okuma comes with six bearings, stainless steel of course, and the multi drag feature can offer more precision.

Some will argue that there are lots of quality reels available and that is true but the Okuma has a slight edge over many others. You might not feel this way but you should definitely consider the Okuma Avenger ABF if you want to find the best spinning reel for the money.