How To Find The Best Spincast Reels?

Spincast Reel Reviews by Truth Reels

For anglers who love fishing, getting the best spincast reel is an important task. It can help both the experienced in the world of fishing, as well as the beginners. Spincast reel comes in handy when solving the issues related to backlash often associated with bait cast designs. What’s more, it reduces the line twists and snares complaints regularly linked to the customary spincast reel designs.

However, understand that while a spincast reel is quite useful, getting the best out of thousands option on the shelves today can be a tall order. You need to determine which one will actually meet your needs, and that’s why we have looked at some of the best spincast reels on the market today.

But before we give you our review, here are the factors we used when ranking these tools:

Button vs. Underspin

Button– Most spincast reels depend on a push button located at the back of the reel, which you need to press before you cast – this releases the line for your cast. The advantage of this design is that it’s nearly flawless and easy to use, which is the major reasons it’s quite popular with novices.

Underspin– Lately, a majority of spincast models use an underspin release, where the push button is replaced by a lever or trigger release in the front of the tool. Many fishermen find underspin reels to be easy to use and argue that they add to casting precision.

Take-up Pins

Unlike a spinning reel which relies on the spinning bail to catch line, a spincast reel depends on take-up pins. Their pins are fixed within the spool edge and gather line as it passes. Although this design is quite dependable, it limits retrieval speeds and the pins often wear out, something which results in missing or hesitation of the line.

The best model should come with multiple pins as they add dependability and enhance retrieval speeds. Furthermore, models with composite or plastic pins are less durable compared to models with metal pins.

Weight and Size

Sometimes back the weight and size of the spincast reel weren’t on the list of factors to consider when buying the best spincast reel. This was mainly due to the fact that anglers used to cast the bait out or drop it over by their boat, and then let it sit until they got a bite.

However, with more fishermen using these reels for bass or ultra-light fishing, there has been a rise in them being paired with lightweight rods or lures – both of which impacts negatively on a bulky or heavy reel.

Go for a tool with aluminum/graphite or aluminum construction for decreased weight without losing the strength.

Line Capacity

A spincast reel isn’t famous for its extreme line capacity, and only a few models will handle more than 100 yards of two or four labs test. Additionally, very few are able to handle braided line either.

However, if you choose a brand with the best capacity for the line you want to use and a strong drag system, which will prevent spooling, you will be able to target moderately sized fishes without difficulty. Using a line bigger than what your reel is rated, which is tempting, will reduce the capacity and even affect your reel’s performance.

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio is a factor that can make or break your spincast reel. It is more than how many lines will be retrieved per spin of the handle; it also determines the lure performance and the smoothness of the retrieve. Very low ratio and lures won’t reach the speed required for the ideal action. Very high ratio and lures will be struck from the zone before a catch can happen.

Not too many spincast reels suffer from being excessively fast – actually, the design is famous for low ratios compared to other designs. Consider a brand with a gear ratio of 2½:1 to 4¼:1.


This is a key area where a spincast reel tends to match up weakly compared to some designs, and some brands are constructed without bearings.

Unless you are purchasing a Spiderman or Snoopy rod for your child, I would never recommend you to get a model without bearings, but do not expect to get one with 10, like a spinning reel.

With that said, the higher the bearing numbers the better, as this will offer a smoother performance. Additionally, your bearing should be made of stainless steel to minimize corrosion.


Another factor you should consider when buying your spincast reel is the drag. There are 2 drags designs offered – internal and star.

Star– This drag uses a large star-like wheel, attached near the handle, for change. This make is less prone to accidental trigger and is easy to use.

Internal– This drag is altered by a small wheel on the body just above the button. It is very easy to use but prone to accidental trigger (if you rest your finger near it) and is less precise.

Top 10 Spincast Reel Reviews

Best Spincast Reel for Saltwater

1). Daiwa Goldcast Spincast Reel

Daiwa Golcast Spincast Reel offers a high level of great quality reel for all anglers – both the beginners and the experienced ones. The unit comes with a long-lasting metal body that makes it last for many years and it offers protection against the wind as well as water damage. It also comes with an oscillating spool that provides accurate level-winding, helping to remove wind hindrance while casting and even when retrieving. At a 4.1:1 gear ratio, the retrieve itself is quite efficient and quick, you don’t need to use much energy or spend a lot of time retrieving your catch.

Anglers can enjoy 21.3 inches of line with every turn of the handle. The huge aperture enables for storage of additional fishing line, making it a great choice for spincast anglers. Different users have stated that this model is perfect for fishing massive and aggressive fish, making it a great choice for all kinds of fishes. Furthermore, it is one of the most affordable reels on the shelves today. In fact, considering its features, it offers value for the money. What is even amazing is that its thoughtful design enables anglers to fish in any condition, even in saltwater, and the tool itself is perfect for all young and old anglers.

It has truly been a great spincast reel for decades and the best thing is that it comes in three different variations of GC120, GC100, and GC80; each has its unique capabilities but almost the same features. Of course, these variations are used for different purposes. The reel is amazingly dependable and reliable and is one of the best in its class. While its oscillation spool facilitates the removal of wind, its multi-disc drag is yet another feature that makes it even smoother to operate. One of the most disappointing things about this model is that it comes with just a single ball bearing, but this doesn’t affect the retrieve in any way as it produces sufficient cracking power. The overall weight of this unit is 9.2 ounces and the line capacity is 8/76 as well as 18.3 ft. of line per handle turn.

Talking of weight, it is generally a compact product which is designed in an ergonomic and appropriate design to allow continuous use without resulting in hand or wrist fatigue. It is perfect for extended durations of fishing.


  • Made of strong metal which makes it last for years.
  • Comes with heavy-duty ball bearing.
  • The product can accommodate unbraided and braided line with ease.
  • Easily adjustable to be used by a left or right-hand
  • Perfect for trapping fish.


  • Comes with just one ball bearing.

Ultralight Spincast Reel

2). Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Spincast Fishing Reel

As the first-ever fishing reel to have seven bearings, Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Spincast Fishing Reel is amongst the most efficient tools available out there. Actually, the manufacturer gained a great reputation for not only developing a seven bearing reel model but also the very first reel itself. For this tool, the seven bearings function together with the multi-disc drag system to offer reliable and quick retrieval. Zebco used an aluminum cover to provide a solid reel that is known to be of high-quality yet ultralight.

One of its notable specs lies within its ergonomic and comfortable design. This helps to make sure that time spent out fishing isn’t hindered by a tired body, making this model a comfortable reel to use for an extended duration of time. Furthermore, it can be altered to be used by either a right-hand or a left-hand angler. This particular model from Zebco has received hundreds of positive review for its speedy and smooth cast retrieval. It is a durable and versatile tool that is perfect for different species, including catfish or large bass to trout fish.

An amazing feature of this spincast reel is the extremely durable made, ensuring durability, longevity, as well as splendid performance. Both the metal gears and the covers are made of strong aluminum which is hard to break. Its line guide is made of a ceramic material which will offer you with the perfect smoothness when it comes to performance without adding to the weight of the tool. On the other hand, the rubber guard prevents the water from getting into the reel, leading to the damaging corrosion or rust, which would ultimately jeopardize the effectiveness of your spincast reel.

Although not the best, the gear ratio is perfect at 3.4:1 and the metal gears are well designed to make sure that the spin functions smoothly. This is a moderate slow ratio that brings in some amazing cranking power to the reel. Of course, it will retrieve a bit slowly. With that said, it is still a good buy for beginners as it will enable them to keep the catch on the hook. The unit comes with seven ball bearings that further improve its smooth operation.


  • The perfect tool for beginners as well as weekend anglers who do not like to waste their time making changes due to its ease of use.
  • Features a durable made that will last for decades of regular fishing activities.
  • Delivers a smooth performance due to the high gear ratio as well as multiple ball bearings.
  • Boasts of versatile and comfortable design, making it one of the best reels out there.
  • Affordable price and comes with a warranty.


  • The low gear ratio results in slow retrieval than some brands in its class.

Spincast Rod and Reel Combo

3). Abu Garcia Abumatic SX 6-Inch M Spincast Rod And Reel Combo

Modern design, as well as enhancements in spincast tech, makes Abu Garcia Abumacti SX 6-Inch M Spincats Rod and Reel Combo stand out from the rest.  Its construction begins with a stainless steel front shaft and graphite frame to make it last for decades to come. The tool comes with a snubberless casting system that challenges the customary spincast design by using the pickup pin to kick-start casting as opposed to pocketing the line against the shaft. This leads to a boat in casting efficiency as well as a decrease in line wear.

Its quadcam engagement system initiates swift line engagement when retrieving and it comes pre-spooled with a Berkley Trilene XL monofilament line. Although not the best number in the industry, the unit features 3 bearing systems that make it effective to retrieve your catch. Its gear ration of 3.6:1 adds to the effective retrieval making it a great tool for both the beginners and experienced anglers. To make things even more interesting, Abu Garcia comes with a high-quality EVA grips that make it secure to hold – it won’t slip with ease.

Another notable spec of this tool is the ultrasmooth drag system which adds the drag speed and power to your unit. The tool also comes with 6 inches medium action 2 pieces composite rod with high-density EVA grips, making it a superb spincast rod and reel combo.


  • Casting design helps to minimize line damage and hence the reel last long in all conditions of use.
  • Made of graphite frame and composite rod black for strength, and yet a lightweight unit.
  • High-density EVA grips for better hold of the tool when out fishing for long durations.
  • Strong stainless-steel front part that prevents rust or corrosion even with regular use.
  • A great spincast rod and reel combo unit.


  • It only comes with 3 gears, which are quite low compared to other spincast reels on the market today.

The Zebco Reel

4). Zebco 33 Spincast Reel

Zebco 33 Spincast Reel is maybe the most popular and famous Zebco’s reel. Due to its ease of use and affordability, the 33 model has offered reliable service to old and young anglers. This tool comes pre-spooled with 100-yard of 10 labs fishing line, which makes it easy to carry around and put it to use. Its lightweight graphite frame makes sure that the fishing reel will last longer without any significant increase in weight. Actually, at only 5.6-ounces, this tool can be held by the smallest of hand without any problem.

This model has thousands of updates from the previous models such as the latest line management system to enhance control, better casting, as well as line retrieval. Its’ new and enhance gear train offers a general smoother performance and feel using the better bearing support to improve each retrieve. The 33 model is not only amazingly affordable, but also quite versatile and durable, making it a great choice of spincast reel.

If you are on the market for the best spincast reel, the Zebco 33 is definitely a tool you should consider buying. With some great history behind it, you can be assured that countless of anglers have been well contented with its performance. The product comes with a single ball bearing that makes it faster and powerful to pull the fish. In addition, its construction is made of a composite body mixed with a stainless steel exterior. It also features a plastic button situated at the rare of the tool which is well located to improve casting abilities. The tool happens to be quite heavy for its small size but still pretty convenient.

Its working is quite simple because you only need to initiate your cast then press the button for the spool to release the line. Once you are done, you release the button and the line will stop. It might sound complicated but it is as simple as that.


  • Incredibly smooth retrieve despite the single ball bearing and the simplistic drag system.
  • It comes with an audible clicker which is clearly labeled as “bite alert’.
  • Perfect for anglers who don’t react to every hit.
  • An affordable tool that guarantees years of service.
  • Suitable for both the beginners and the experienced fishermen.


  • Produces a little noise – it won’t affect your fishing activities.

For Bass

5). Pflueger President Spincast Reel

The first thing that you will notice about Pflueger President Spincast Reel is that it weighs about 10 percent of most reels on the market today, making it a lightweight tool which is still durable. The advantage of owning a lightweight fishing reel is that anglers can fish for longer without hand and wrist fatigue. The tool comes in five different sizes ranging from size 20 to size 40, with size 30 weighing like most lightweight reel out there.

Another notable spec of this reel is the 10 bearing system. Made of stainless steel, these ball bearings are corrosion resistance and offer a smooth retrieve without needing to use excessive energy. Remember that this isn’t a sealed system so you might need to ensure that you clean the gear after every use, especially after use in saltwater. The reel has a lightweight graphite rotor and body, which are the foundation of this tool and make it light as well as durable.

As you know, the best spincast reel should have a braid ready spool. This is also true of Pflueger President. Its braid is constructed from a solid aluminum and is coated. This spool enables braid to be attached directly to spool by using a number of vertical rubber eyelets that enables the slippery braid to grasp the spool and not require any mono backing. The other thing that makes this reel a great choice is the sure-click heavy duty aluminum bail. It is made of high-quality aluminum material and is stronger than in other brands and models. Sure-click offers an effective audible click that notifies anglers that the bail is ready to cast.

Stainless steel oil felt drag offers consistent drag speed and are corrosion resistant to ensure that they offer user years of service. The other feature of this tool is the soft touch ergonomic knob that makes it simpler for anglers to hold the knob. It is simple and yet effective, offering comfort to the fingers and hand in general.


  • Sure-click bail system that notifies you when the system is ready for casting.
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty to show just how Pflueger trust this reel.
  • Features 10 bearing systems which make it simpler to pull the catch.
  • It is a lightweight product that will not hurt the wrist or hand even after hours of use.
  • Easy to switch right to left hand retrieve.


  • Not sealed for use in saltwater.

Mini Spincast Reel

6). Daiwa Minicast 40 Spincast Reel

As part of a wide collection of high-quality reels, Daiwa Minicast 40 Spincast Reel offers the best quality for any spincast angler. The tool comes with a durable metal construction to ensure protection against water and wind damage and long-lasting use. The oscillation spool offers amazing level-winding, aiding to prevent wind interference when casting and retrieving. Talking of retrieve, it is made to be efficient and quick with a gear ratio of 4.1:1. Anglers can bring in 21.3 inches of line with every turn of the handle. Furthermore, its huge aperture facilitates storage of more fishing line, making it a great tool for fishermen.

Users comment that this model is easily able to hold against massive and aggressive fish, making it an awesome model for fishing different species of fish. If you are on the market for an entry-level reel when it comes to price, the Daiwa Minicast is surely a tool you should consider. It offers great value for your hard-earned money. Furthermore, its attractive design enables the angler to fish even in the hardest of conditions and the fishing reel is perfect for all types of fishing. It truly does a great job as a mini case and lasts for years.

Smaller than ultralight reels, spincast thrill is what you will get with this tool – super ultralight reel. The fishing reel comes with an aluminum alloy construction as well as the nose cone, easy push-button casting, and smooth disk drag. What is even amazing is that it comes with 85 yards of pre-wound 4 labs test line. It weighs about 5.5 oz and offers a retrieve line of 16.1 inches.

Regardless of the special specification of this model, there are a few general features which are common to the Daiwa series. The reels are quite reliable, very dependable, and are without a doubt one of the best on the shelves. The multi-disc drag adds to the convenient by making it even smoother, to not only cast but also retrieve.


  • Daiwa Minicast comes with a limited warranty of one year.
  • Comes equipped with the user manual to make it easier to use it.
  • Perfect reel for fishing tackle industry and is able to withstand aggressive fishing.
  • Well-designed for ultralight activities in freshwater.
  • Produced by a reputable company that has become a leader in reel production.


  • It might not last long especially if used in saltwater.

For Big Catfish

7). Abu Garcia Abumatic S Spincast Reel


Abu Garcia Abumatic S Spincast Reel is a traditional push-button kind of reel that is easy and simple to use. The tool is quite durable and is made in such a way that it will meet your budget and offer value for your money. What is even amazing about this product is that it’s bulletproof; will not get damaged easily and thus perfect for big catfish fishing. Its unique design reduces the line damage while the quadcam pickup system smoothly picks up the line for very smooth drag and slackline hooksets to make the fight with giant fishes easy.

The frame constructed of rugged graphite will aid the user to hold up great battles with huge species of fish. Whether it is an experienced or inexperienced angler, this tool enables you to hold the catch and you should give it a try. The primary use of this reel is bait casting, casting, spinning, surf fishing, trolling, and spincast. If you get this, then you will get the best result from your fishing adventure, especially in saltwater.

Another notable thing about this fishing reel is that it is recommended for children use. The techniques to use this product are quite straightforward and simple. You can get any species of fish. In addition to graphite housing, this product is reinforced by a strong aluminum or even a graphite/aluminum body. This adds more strength to your fishing gear and hence holds up to more weight. One of the critical elements of a spincast fishing reel is the drag, and the user needs to be careful when buying these products. The drag is ideal for applying pressure to caught fish and also releasing the line when struggling with the fish. It features a carbon matrix drag scheme which is a great feature of spincast reels.

Another notable element of this product is the ball bearings. The bushings or ball bearings are placed within its body to offer stability, smoothness, and support. It comes with 3 ball bearings that make spincasting pretty smooth and able to get the fish without any obstacle. The last and a key feature of Abu reel is the gear ratio. At 3.6:1, this ratio is a bit low compared to other products on the market today but it still does the job well, without making noise.


  • The best thing about Abu is the price – it is very affordable when compared to its rivals.
  • It comes with a sleek and modern design which makes it stand out from the rest.
  • It is a durable product that is able to catch a wide range of fishes.
  • Very simple to use and control.
  • Best product for catching big catfish.


  • It starts to jam after a few uses.

Micro Spincast Reel

8). Shakespeare SYMCX Synergy Micro Spincast Reel

At only 5.2 lbs, Shakespeare SYMCX Synergy Micro Spincast Reel is among the lightest and most solid reels on the shelves today. Its lightweight construction doesn’t affect durability and the tool is made of titanium and stainless steel, meaning that it will withstand the roughest of weather conditions. As an extra advantage, the titanium material line guide makes sure that your fishing line will stay in place and do so for many decades.

The spincast reel has an effective 4.1:1 gear ratio as well as one bearing to keep retrieval and casting at the top end of efficiency and speed. Its changeable multi-disc drag system is an awesome plus as well, ensuring that drag speed and power is changed to suit your personal needs. The unit offers high level, top performance at a better price compared to most of its rivals. Anglers love its general portability, arguing that it is the ideal reel to carry for backpacking or camping.

Without a doubt one of the best spincast reels, the Shakespeare is a no fuss, no muss model which is amazingly convenient and ready for use. If you are still going through the thousands of reels, have a second look at it has to offer. With its line being made of titanium, you can easily take your tool to saltwater fishing and be happy with the outcome – no corrosion or rust.

The line capacity is perfect for 4/70 yards use and every tool undergoes a thorough quality test before being packed to ensure that it meets the industry standards. Shakespeare comes with a solid metal handle for enhanced durability, which is covered by a soft-grip rubber knob so as to offer you with the desired comfort. It is also changeable and can be used with both the right and left hand.


  • Comes with a steel handle which is coated with rubber to offer the best grip without compromising on comfort.
  • Perfect for huge line capacity of about 4/70 yards.
  • The perfect tool for backpacking and camping due to its compact-size nature and its lightweight construction.
  • Features one steel pick-up pin to offer the required
  • Great tool for use in all weather conditions, including saltwater, without getting damaged.


  • Might get worn out after a couple of use, especially if you don’t clean it after use in saltwater.

Underspin Reel

9). Pflueger Trion Underspin Spincast Reel

Pflueger Trion Underspin Spincast Reel is yet another superb option for beginners and can handle small to medium-sized fish as well as some big fishes, every now and then without worrying about warping gears and other systems. It is made of heavy-duty metal gears and a dual titanium pick up pins which enable it to withstand the heaviest of forces being inserted into it. The aluminum casing, handle, and spool also reinforces the fishing reel ability to release some cracking power not present in most devices.

While it is a heavy duty product when you compare it to others, most fishing compromises power for speed. Although it is also true here, it is handily noticeable. It gear ration is 3.8:1 and has a line retrieve of 18.5 inches which is on the high end for a tool with its power. With this power and speed, you can easily go after huge fish, where other reels fail. When it comes to line capacity, it sits in the middle of the industry. You can spool with 90-yard of the 8lb test, 75-yard of 10 lbs test, as well as 65-yard or 12lb test. Therefore, you can limit the size of fish you want using these variations.

The best spincast reel comes pre-spooled, this is also the case with Trion Underspin Spincast, but we would recommend you get a better-quality line before you take it out. It will make the difference and even perform better when casting and retrieving your catch. One problem that you might experience when it comes to medium-sized fish is its drag system – it is just a standard disk washer system; actually, there is nothing wrong with it. The drag remains consistent no matter how you set it, and hence perfect for cats and bass.

As far as its performance goes, you won’t experience any problem. The soft touch knobs and aluminum handle feel amazing and it’s a very easy tool to handle for an extended duration of time. The retrieve is quite smooth as well. Don’t be fooled by its 2 ball bearings for they are of the best-quality and made of stainless steel to ensure that they are corrosion-free. Its’ 2 titanium pins and the spinning cap lay the line down smoothly although you might experience a problem with the knots within the spool, but not as frequent as other spincast reels. It also has an anti-reverse off and on feature.


  • Decent casting and line lay ability.
  • One of the most affordable products out there.
  • Quite smooth performance considering its power.
  • Its internals gears are able to handle any level of stress.
  • One of the best retrieval rates in the industry today.


  • Drag is a bit jumpy and doesn’t offer fine adjustments.

Closed Face Reel

10). Zebco Bullet Spincast Reel

Zebco is one of the most reputable names in the spincast reel industry. It made it to the industry and remains a force to reckon with. Now, one of their most advanced products, Zebco Bullet Spincast Reel, comes with upgrades that all angles love. With a super 5.1:1 gear ratio, this reel is the fastest unit ever produced by Zebco. Not a big deal you might assume? Well, it is something you should check out because that ratio comes with an exclusive patented tech that makes it faster than a 20-size spinning reel and a 6.2:1 baitcast reel as well.

This amazing fishing reel with an attractive space-age design offers a superb 29 inches of line for every handle turn. Combine that feature with a spate of juicy performance qualities and you will get a product that will go toe-to-toe with other gear – frogging or flipping for bass or burning inlines for pike and muskies or even tossing cranks for hostile fishing. Its other features include high strength, high-speed, and CNC machine-cut brass drive gear. Its oscillating spool offers a zero-friction function and comes with 9 ball bearings to provide smooth cast and retrieve. Its handle knobs use 3M soft-touch tech for effective retrieval in all kinds of weather. This makes the product to be great for fishing in saltwater. However, you will require to clean it after every use to prevent rust and corrosion since it’s an all-metal made product.


  • Features an exclusive patent-pending tech that makes it more effective when you compare it to other tools in its class.
  • It is faster than most spinning reels as well as baitcast, despite having a lower gear than these tools.
  • Designed for the best and the highest performance applications.
  • Super smooth and comes with 9 ball bearings (8 plus 1) system.
  • All-metal construction that makes it a strong and durable product that will offer you services for years to come.


  • Not the best product when it comes to using in saltwater.

Buying Guide for Spincast Reels

When it comes to the best spincast fishing reel, there are a huge variety of options to consider. However, most struggle since there are dozens on the market. Spincast reels are extremely important and selecting the correct one is crucial no matter who you are or what you plan to catch. So, how to find the best spincast reel and which should you look at buying today?

The Body of the Reel

When it comes to finding the best casting reel you have to consider the body. Now, every reel is made up of certain materials such as aluminum or graphite and this is something you have to consider. There may be some reels which has a combination of graphite and aluminum which is possible. Though, the body of the reel will remain very important whether you plan to do a spot of fishing at the weekend or once every few months.

You will also need to decide on whether or not you want more weight or more strength. These are both very important to consider because you need to have a nice balance. For instance, aluminum is a lot stronger and is in fact a heavier metal but on the other hand, graphite is resistant to corrosion. So, you have to know which metal you want to choose and which is going to be the best spincast reel for you. You may want a combination body reel if you aren’t sure about graphite or aluminum.

The Size of the Best Spincast Reels

When it comes to the best spin casting reel you have to consider the size of the reel. If you plan to choose smaller fish or ones which aren’t going to put up much of a fight, then you want a smaller reel and one with a lighter line. However, if you want to catch bigger fish then you need a medium sized reel which is going to be slightly bigger and heavier than the smallest reels.

The size can make all the difference when it comes to choosing the best spin casting reel because if the wrong reel is chosen, it can affect the fish you’re able to catch. For instance if you choose a small or medium sized reel but are trying to catch an extremely large fish then you may end up breaking the reel. This is simply because of the wrong size of reel being used. That is why you always have to consider the type of fish you want to catch as well as the size of reel which is most suited.

The Drag System

An important feature of the best casting spinning reel is the drag system. This is something which is needed when the fish has been hooked. The drag system helps to apply more pressure to the fish which is something you require in order to be successful at reeling in the fish. However, when you are looking into a new spin cast reel you need to ensure the drag is extremely smooth so that there aren’t any issues. You also need to ensure the drag system isn’t constrictive either so that the line doesn’t break.

The Ball Bearings

Something which isn’t always thought about when searching for the best spincasting reel is the amount of bearings that comes with the reel. In most cases, the more ball bearings included with the reels the better the performance of the reel. This is certainly going to be something that you have to consider especially when you are going to look for the best spin cast reel.

Whenever you are searching for fishing reels you need to ensure it has with four bearings at the very least. You might not think this is an important feature to consider but it will be. More ball bearings, the better – this might be something you want to deeply consider when searching for the best spin cast reel.

Choosing the Correct Spools

When you are choosing the best spincast fishing reels has to be the type of spool being used. The spool needs to be good quality and relevant for the type of fish being targeted. If the wrong spool is used then it can often cause the fish to get away especially if it isn’t long enough or strong enough. Too many people don’t think about the spool but rather the reel itself but both go hand-in-hand.

What Is The Best Spincast Reel Made?

Some say the best spincast reel ever made is the Penn Jigmaster but there are others who say the Long Beach 65’s is the best spincast fishing reels. It does vary because there are lots of great options to consider. The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur is certainly another top option to consider as well when it comes to the title of the best spincast reel.

The Best Reel for Casting this year?

The Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Spincast Fishing Reel is certainly going to be one of the best spinning reel for casting today. This doesn’t just look good but has a nice ergonomic design and comes with a good price as well. The Zebco’s oscillating spool is a nice feature along with the all metal gears which are very nice as well.

The best casting reel for today has to be the Zebco Omega and let’s be honest, it does look very impressive. It not only appeals to the more experienced anglers but the newcomers as well.