The Best Sit-in Fishing Kayaks – Why Choose?

Sit in fishing kayaks have become some of the most popular types of kayak today and it isn’t hard to see why. Though, when it comes down to it, finding a suitable kayak is often the one which most struggle with. There are many kayaks on the market but while that can be a good thing for most, it can actually be a bad thing too because you are technically spoilt for choice.

However, you can find a reliable model if you put your mind to it.

The Pelican Trailblazer 100 Kayak

The best sit in fishing kayak has to be the Pelican Trailblazer 100. This fishing kayak is definitely worth the money and even though it isn’t too costly, it certainly looks a lot more value. However, you are going to get good value for money here and that is something you always want more of. Comfort comes in abundance here and that is very important for most because these are made for long hours on the water and as such you have to feel comfortable from the start until you come back to shore.

The padded backrest is a lovely feature to accompany the fishing kayak along with the adjustable foot pegs. Though, the stable hull design is fantastic because no matter what level of experience you are at, you are going to be made to feel safe. This is especially important for all beginners and novices because as we all know, when you are just starting out you want to feel safe.

The Pelican is a one person kayak but it is very versatile and perfect for every angler even those with limited kayaking experience. The drain plug is a lovely feature along with the carry handles; there aren’t going to be many who will struggle to transport the kayak and it isn’t too heavy either. It is ten feet in length but weighs less than forty pounds so most shouldn’t have any issues with this. However, the kayak is able to hold two hundred and seventy five pounds in total which is great.

The sit in kayak is quite appealing even for those who prefer the sit on top models. This really is a nice kayak and one which is perfect to fish with. You get to feel closer to the fish without compromising your safety and you can feel more comfortable also.

Why Choose Sit-In Kayaks?

Most people don’t really understand the differences between buying a sit in and a sit on top kayak but there are some subtle and simple differences. First and foremost sit in kayaks are best for those who plan on taking to the open waters and the rougher swells and seas. They are not only much more stable but they can be great for longer fishing trips and can be a little safer as well.

Usually, the sit in kayaks are nice designed and are quite stable. The sit on top kayaks can in fact be stable too but they sometimes aren’t as reliable as the sit in kayaks. The final choice will of course be yours but there are some impressive sit in kayaks which are great. The Pelican is really the best sit in fishing kayak to consider today.