Choosing the Best Lightweight Fishing Kayak for Your Money

Searching for the best lightweight fishing kayak can be a bit of a challenge. You not only have to find the lightest kayak but a kayak which is able to offer top quality. Sometimes this can be hard because while there are many good light kayaks you don’t always know how they will work on the water. However, it doesn’t need to be an impossible choice either not when you know what to look for.

While the weight of the fishing kayak is important you cannot neglect the type of quality it offers or the stability of the kayak. You can easily think these aren’t important but they are and you have to remain sharp eyed for the right one. However, there is one which really stands out above the crowd.

Getting More Value for Money

The best lightweight fishing kayak has to be the one person Intex Challenger K1. This is not only a strong and reliable kayak but really one of the lightest available today. Standing in at twenty seven point two pounds, the Challenger does certainly seem to be the lightest fishing kayak available. However, despite the fact it is pretty light it is in fact very strong and doesn’t just fly away at the first sign of a gust of wind.

The Intex Challenger is really good and something that most are going to enjoy as well. Experts might fair best here with this kayak but intermediate and even some skilled beginners should be able to handle this kayak. It is extremely cheap as well; it costs less than one hundred dollars which is perfect for those on a very tight budget but the quality is there which is the most important thing to remember.

Most people will love the Challenger and it isn’t just down to its low price. Yes, the cost does have something to do with it but it really is the best lightweight fishing kayak to consider today. It is nimble but still easy to control and the performance is sharp and the kayak remains tough at every angle. These fishing kayaks are probably best suited for slow moving waters such as lakes or rivers; they aren’t heavy so you might find they don’t fare well in tougher conditions.

The cockpit design is simple but perfect for those who want that added comfort. There is a lot of space on offer and you are going to be able to get plenty of room to move and stretch if necessary. If you want to take along a few personal items for the day ahead then you can as the storage is very impressive. The I Beam floors are really quite good as well because these help to ensure the stability of the kayak which does make it the best lightweight fishing kayak.

The seat is inflatable too which might put some off the idea of choosing this kayak but it is a nice touch indeed. The backrest is comfortable and it is able to hold just over two hundred pounds of weight. That is very impressive because the kayak is one of the lightest fishing kayaks.