The Best Fishing Pliers

Whether you are a freshwater or an open ocean angler, all anglers know that a gorgeous fishing day might turn out not to be so great when you don’t carry all the necessary tools. One such device is the best fishing pliers, which might prove to be a handy and versatile tool.

Fishing pliers are invaluable in de-hooking, cutting line, bending wire, and other terminal tackling uses. In extreme situations, they can be used to extract hooks in case of unintentional hooking.

Sadly, there are thousands of fishing pliers out there. If you simply dive into the market and get yourself the first unit you come across, you will definitely get the worst. Luckily, we have done the hard work and provided you with the best fishing pliers on the market today.

But before we look at the top 10 products, these are the criteria we used when evaluating them:

Construction Material

Anglers who have used a pair of typical needle nose fishing pliers on their fishing expedition know how necessary is to own a set of pliers that doesn’t lock shut or rust. The new normal is fishing pliers constructed from airport quality aluminum alloys. Fishing pliers were typically constructed of aluminum because it’s lightweight, rigid, and doesn’t rust easily, but the flipside of this material is that it’s soft – might bend under lots of force and weight. Most popular or high-end pliers’ manufacturers now use airport quality aluminum alloys to make their devices stronger, and they are the industry benchmark. Other popular materials include stainless steel and titanium.

Nose Length

Most anglers’ experiences of using fishing pliers entail needle nose tools and with a good explanation. A needle length pliers enable for going an extra depth into the fish when removing the hook. Though often required mostly when fishing for giant fish or when saltwater fishing, the needle nose tool is still the best buy you can make. Some pliers have split ring designed tools or have split ring abilities. One of its ends is prepared for the split ring while the other locks it tightly. Split ring pliers are usually stubbier than saltwater tools because of the nature of using their hooked nose.

Cutting Options

The best fishing pliers come with both a side cutter and line cutter. The line cutters are important and a standard feature for all fish pliers. These cutters should be solid enough to cut fluorocarbon, monofilament, and braided lines. To cut hooks or for steel wire, you should go for a strong side cutter. Various materials are used to construct cutters including less used stainless steel and tungsten carbide materials. Some of the top brands at the stores have replaceable parts for the cutters as they wear down after a few uses.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Experienced anglers know that the condition of fishing affects their tackles. Therefore, you should look for a tool with an ergonomic design and that fit your hands comfortably. This will offer you amazing grip so you can fish without fatigue or strain on your hands.

Portable Pliers

We believe that anglers want fishing pliers that will not weigh them down during fishing trips. You need to get a lightweight tool that you can hold with ease, comfort, and convenience.

Versatile Pliers

When fishing, anglers don’t just cut lines; they perform other chores such as crimping. Therefore, you need to get a tool that is versatile enough to do different functions. This will also save you money.

Extra Features

All that you require in a good set of pliers is that it be constructed of a strong non-corrosive, waterproof material, be of the right length, and come with a side and line cutter. However, the best fishing pliers throw in some extra features that you might not require, but they are convenient and cool. Some of these additions include soft grip handles, a bottle opener, a small bag, a lanyard and built-in LED light.

Top 13 Fishing Pliers Review

Best Fishing Pliers for the Money

1). Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers have one of the best specs you will ever find in a fishing tool that makes them a great unit to buy. They are recommended for saltwater and freshwater fishing, are lightweight and comfortable and boast excessive-satisfactory construction.

One thing to remember is that these tools are 6.7-inch, and although their jaws are made from titanium coated stainless steel aluminum, their handles are manufactured from aluminum with the objective of reducing weight and still provide resistance to rust and corrosion. The one feature to note here is that they are suitable for small fish of under 25 lbs if you want them to last longer.

The street cutter functions extremely well, better than most fishing tools, and could effectively handle braided, fluorocarbon, and mono line. The major shortcoming is that the cutters are a bit excessively up, and there is a small gap in the rear, so when it’s dark or you aren’t paying much attention it might come in handy to slip the avenue through the opening. This is a small issue, however, we thought you should take note of.

All in all, these are an amazing pair of pliers that work just right, are durable, and are lightweight and perfect to do the job. We can suggest these pliers for anglers who are willing to pay extra to get the best tool for their money.


  • Come with a replaceable titanium-covered tungsten carbide cutter.
  • Ergonomically designed to offer a comfortable grip on the hand.
  • Made of anodized aircraft-quality aluminum, which is the standard for all pliers.
  • Jaws are made of titanium-coated stainless-steel to ensure they last longer.
  • Comes with great woven nylon belt holster.


  • Line cutter is a bit bulky.
  • Highly priced.

2). Piscifun Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers – Best Saltwater Fishing Pliers

Piscifun makes some high-quality fishing pliers and its Piscifun Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers is one of them, and it’s perfect for saltwater fishing. Traditionally, the best thing about these tools is that they are lightweight and last long.

Their bodies are made of corrosion-free high-quality aluminum while their jaws are made of durable stainless steel materials. What this means for the users is that they should say goodbye to tools freezing up when they really need them on their boat. The jaws are ever-ready with a slash up ring opener. This feature makes the function of changing the hook under the water pretty easily.

Piscifun’s razor-sharp tungsten cutters are situated on the top and are perfect for cutting braid, mono, fluorocarbon, as well as wireline. The best thing, they are replaceable – you don’t need to purchase a new tool when the cutter gets damaged or loses the sharpness. You only need to purchase another set of cutters and install them to your fishing pliers – very easy to install.

Do you always lose your fishing pliers? You will no longer lose them again because these tools come with a durable nylon heavy-accountability purse as well as an attachable lanyard. You will be well-equipped such that you will be satisfied by your decision to get these saltwater fishing pliers.


  • Lightweight fishing pliers that make it easy to carry around.
  • Corrosive-free to ensure that they function well in saltwater.
  • Comes with easily replaceable cutters that ensure you don’t get a new pair of pliers when the cutters lose their edge.
  • Ergonomically designed to offer comfort when on your hand.
  • Piscifun offers a one-month limited warranty.


  • The warranty is too short.

3). Madbite Lighted Aluminum Fishing Pliers – Best Split Ring Pliers for Fishing

Madbite Lighted Aluminum Fishing Pliers is a recent model with some amazing features and great improvements. The pliers boast a LED light-bulb you can switch on with a twist, a handy extra which makes it an awesome tool to carry when going fishing during the night.

The best fishing pliers are constructed from stainless steel and aluminum, and the Madbite falls in this category. The pliers are made of stainless steel saltwater corrosion-free and hard anodized aluminum materials. They also come with a split ring tool as well as sharp tungsten carbide cutters that cut through braided lines.

A comfortable, non-slip silicone handle makes it a breeze to use them in saltwater, even if your hands are full of fish slime – the tool won’t fall off your hand. If you are going surf fishing, bank fishing, wade fishing, or kayak fishing, you need these best split ring pliers in your arsenal.


  • Comes with an amazing LED bulb that makes it possible to fish during the night.
  • High-quality pliers that don’t rust in saltwater, are quite durable, and you can be assured that their cutters won’t lose their sharpness easily.
  • Study tools with an effective non-slip grip that makes them safe to use.
  • Constructed of stainless steel and aluminum materials that ensure they last longer.
  • Best for surf fishing, bank fishing, wade fishing, and kayak fishing.


  • Not perfect for everyday use as they will become loose after 6 weeks.

4). Abel Fishing Pliers – Best Fly Fishing Pliers

Abel Fishing Pliers is quite tough. So tough that you would understand why it has been a darling for most saltwater fly anglers around the world. The tool comes with exceptionally long and wide grips that make it easy to hold and doesn’t slip at all. Weighing about 4.1 oz, the pliers are lightweight enough to carry whenever you want.

Another notable spec of this tool is the replaceable jaw that you can replace in case they get worn out (they are quite durable such that you might never need to replace them). Things even get interesting, you can send your pliers back to the manufacturer for replacement or just replace them by yourself.

When it comes to the cutters, we cannot say enough about them. Their cutting edge is pretty awesome; they cut through all type of materials including barbed wire. Where they might come short for most anglers is the lake or stream. Their jaw size is pretty big and perfect for using on bigger flies.


  • The best fly fishing pliers.
  • Comes with long handles that make it easy to hold them in any condition.
  • Perfect for both the saltwater and freshwater fishing.
  • Great for fishing bonefish, giant trevally, or tarpon fly fishing.
  • Comes with superb cutters that cut all types of materials.


  • A bit hard to use for smaller fish fishing.

5). Fishing Pliers 6.5-Inch Stainless Steel Long Needle Nose – Best Needle Nose Pliers for Fishing

It is astonishing how the Fishing Pliers 6.5-Inch Stainless Steel Long Needle Nose is constructed. It’s simple but a totally convenient set of pliers that every angler would like to have while going fishing. It has an advanced locking gadget that makes it simple to slip into the fishing gear collection.

One spec that makes this tool special is its nose as it works effectively to remove hooks from the fish that the anglers have caught. In addition to the bent nose, the tool has other features which ensure that you get an easy time while fishing. It comes with a razor-sharp line cutter that cuts all kinds of fishing lines without applying much effort.

Another notable specification of this unit is its bent jaw, a thoroughly thought design. The design facilitates easy removal of the hook from your fish in an effortless manner. What is even amazing is that this unit is perfect for both freshwater and saltwater fishing and it’s an accurate split ring set of pliers.


  • A conveniently lightweight tool that is easy to carry when going out to fishing.
  • Razor-sharp line cutter that cuts all types of fishing lines with ease.
  • Boats of bent jaws that facilitates faster and easy removal of the hook from your caught fish.
  • Design for both freshwater and saltwater use without corroding.
  • An accurate split ring set of pliers.


  • It isn’t the best pliers for cutting wires.

Let’s turn our attention to the review of other best fishing pliers on the market today:

6). Madbite Fishing Pliers

If you are searching for pliers with all the fishing features you can ever get in a set of fishing pliers, then Madbite Fishing Pliers might be a great choice. The handles of this tool are constructed from machined aluminum and are well-anodized for extra durability and corrosion resistance. Special anodized cover ensures that no corrosion or rust will affect the pliers.

Due to the corrosion-free and extra durability, the tool is suitable for use in both the freshwater and saltwater. We recommend that you clean and rinse your tool after every use to get the best out of it and make it last long – especially after using it in saltwater. The product’s ergonomically shaped silicone grasps on the handles offer additional grip even when your hands are wet or covered by bait.

Another great feature of these pliers is the stainless steel jaws. Unlike the handles which are made of aluminum, these jaws are constructed from stainless steel which offers a more durable and harder surface that makes your tool to last long. On the jaws, there is a unique tool that assists you to remove and install the jaw with ease, split rings – the tinny rings that connect the hooks to lures such as topwater plugs and crankbaits. When you press the ring between the jaws, you can open, remove, and reinstall on the lure or hook.


  • Boats of a flat area on the jaws that is perfect for tasks such as mashing down the gibes of hooks or crimping split shot.
  • Comes with a sleeve crimper that is used in building rings and wire leaders. Also located on the jaws.
  • Comes with a tungsten-carbide covered line cutter on the exterior of the jaws, a convenient element of the Madbite pliers.
  • The cutter easily cuts through braided, monofilament, and fluorocarbon line. You can even use it to cut through a small diameter wire.
  • Its spring-loaded nature keeps it ready to open whenever you want to use it – automatically.


  • The cutter might get damaged if you cut large diameter wires.

7). Fishing Tree Fishing Pliers

Fishing Tree has manufactured some of the best fishing pliers on the market today. From the compact hinge to the holes in the handles, there are hundreds of details in these tools, resulting in one of the best and lightest pliers out there. This is especially true when it comes to Fishing Tree Fishing Pliers.

This set of pliers is made of extra strong aluminum, a tungsten carbide line cutter, and stainless-steel-jaws, which can be replaced easily in case they get damaged or get worn out. This is a solid, multi-purpose tool with potential for splitting, crimping, cutter, and removing hooks.

Fishing Tree Pliers would additionally make best-quality pliers for kayak anglers due to their lightweight nature, their carabineer lanyard component, a sheath, and a slip ring, which makes them a multifunction fishing tool.


  • Compact fishing pliers which are easy to carry around.
  • Suitable for lake fishing, river fishing, and even ice fishing.
  • They are safe for children to use.
  • They come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance to ensure they last longer.


  • The nylon holster is cheaply made and flimsy.
  • The red control is quite cumbersome.

8). Freehawk Multi-function Fishing Pliers

Freehawk Multi-function Fishing Pliers offers unbelievable value for your cash. These are truly at the most affordable end of the fishing pliers, yet they work pretty well and come with some extra feature that can be quite handy. One of the key things about these pliers is they are moderately little, coming at great length of 6.5 inches. With that said, they are quite durable and this makes them more compact which is all we want in our fishing gear.

The ergonomically designed handles are not anything unique, but they offer a great hold which is often found in the most expensive fishing pliers. Given they are 100 percent made of steel, they are a bit heavier compared to other tools in their class, yet they feel perfect when on your hands. The cutting edges might not be the sharpest in the world but they do the job effectively.

In general Freehawk pliers offer an amazing service and are worth your time and money. Basically, they do the business just fine, are famous for being sturdy, and come with a dozen of useful features too. We would recommend these tools to any angler who is looking for a decent set of fishing pliers without much favor. They are great for people who wish to save a few dollars.


  • Comes with twisted nose pincers that work perfectly for snare expulsion.
  • Quite affordable compared to other pliers in this class.
  • They work quite well for interlaced lines.
  • Features 2 little edges that cut through different materials.
  • Compact and durable pliers, you don’t need to keep buying after a while.


  • They are quite little.
  • Not the best cutting edges.

9). Zitrades Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Zitrades Aluminum Fishing Pliers is among the best fishing pliers out there and is made of stainless steel jaws and aluminum to ensure that it last longer. The tool boats of tungsten carbide cutters that happen to be quite sharp such that they can cut via steel wire and braided line easily.

These tools are portable and lightweight and come with a lanyard and a pouch so you can transport them anywhere you want or even hang them on your belt. The pliers are ideal for cutting, pulling, crimping, stripping, and removing hooks.

They come with an additional feature in form of a slip-proof handle which ensures they don’t slip when on your hand. You can use them even when you hand is full of bait or is wet.


  • Zitrade Pliers are sharp and cut via brained line, a significant spec for all fishing pliers that you should watch out for.
  • Lightweight and quite portable, you can carry your pliers anywhere you go and even hook it on your belt.
  • An affordable and decent tool for its class.
  • Comes with a slip-proof handle that ensures you work even when your hand is full of bait or is wet.


  • Get worn out within a short time.

10). Manley Professional Saltwater Fishing Pliers

From the looks of how Manley Professional Saltwater Fishing Pliers hold in the hand, this one could be one of the best models today. It is stylish and elegant looking so that you would be proud to carry it in your kit bag. It is an amazing piece of tech, which comes in 4 different hues from which you can choose the one that catches your eye from. You may choose gold, silver, blue, or red pliers. All these hues are bright and add the general beauty of the tool.

It seems that it isn’t only in the appearance that the pliers dominate its rivals. It is a great tool to carry when going fishing due to its ability to cut through different materials with ease and faster. The tools are constructed from tungsten carbide, thus making them strong enough to cut lines and durable to last for years.


  • Manley lasts for a very long time no matter where you use them.
  • Comes with an effective free sheath.
  • Perfect for single-hand use, very easy to use.
  • Made of durable and strong materials that ensure your tool will last for years.
  • Pretty light when carrying around.


  • Their handles can be slippery when your hand is wet.

11). South Bend Bent-Nose Fishing Pliers

South Bend Bent-Nose Fishing Pliers are your one-stop combination of all your fishing needs. Generally, they take care of your fishing business and are quite valuable, yet they have only the common specs.

One amazingly preferred thing about this tool is the cost. You can easily get them for about $10 and don’t think you are buying a shoddy child toy. They are constructed of quality steel and are chrome covered, so they are pretty solid, although they might rust if you use them in saltwater. Ensure that you clean them after using them in this kind of water to avoid corrosion.

Their 8-creep length is amazingly good when you consider their normal size which makes them useful in various situations. The bent-nose design can prove to be a great feature when removing snares and the elastic coated handles offer superb hold. The pliers’ wire cutters can be used for fishing line, but they are thicker and not recommended for that task – you will need to use a lot of energy to get the job done.

By and large, this tool offers great esteem, however, it doesn’t provide much more than standard pliers. We would recommend these pliers for any person who is looking for something useful and basically needs to do the task. These pliers are also a bit cumbersome when compared to others.


  • Very affordable when compared to pliers in its class.
  • Great quality and offer value for your money.
  • Comes with high carbon steel that ensures they last longer.
  • Effective in accomplishing fishing businesses.
  • Comes with a bent-nose that makes it easy to remove bait from your catch.


  • Wire cutters aren’t the best in the industry but are decent.
  • Needs to be cleaned after use, especially in saltwater.

12). Zitrades Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Zitrades FP-20 Aluminum Fishing Pliers could be considered as medium-top fishing pliers. It is a solid match of 7 creeps CNC-machined anodized unit that combines stainless steel jaws and an aluminum body to offer a long-lasting product.

The accurate sharpened tungsten carbide cutters are superb and are quite sharp, so they are perfect for all types of lines including fluoro, twist, and mono. The main shortcoming about these tools is that they are vulnerable especially at the split ring, however, in case you observe this to be a problem; you can easily replace the ring with a stainless steel one – which is very affordable.

The tool comes with a smooth handle, which might be an issue for some users but works well when your hands are dry. It will surely slip if you hold it with wet hands or hands full of bait. Generally, the product is pretty good, keeping in mind that they are quite affordable, the benefit they provide and compared to the rivals on the market today.

The 7 inches length make them suitable for various activates, they are quite simple and fuse high-level materials. We would recommend these tools for anglers looking for a strong tool of elite fishing and ready to spend a few bucks.


  • A lightweight product that you can carry with ease.
  • Comes with stainless steel jaws that last for years.
  • Quite effective in doing their job.
  • Razor-sharp cutters that cut through different materials.
  • Medium to a high-level


  • Smooth handles can be slippery when your hands are wet

13). Buck Knives Spizzors Fishing Multi-Tool

If you are searching for the handiest tool that can sneak into your pocket or in other small spices, then Buck Knives Spizzors Fishing Multi-tool made for you. It is a great product for fishing, hunting, and even other outdoor chores. This multi-tool comes with a long nose made for precision hook removal from your fish.

When it comes to size, it is small and you can easily carry it around in your pocket. Furthermore, it comes with a dynaflex rubber handle that boasts of grip arches, as well as strong nylon sheath. This is a great set of pliers for removing hooks and cutting line from the catch’s mouth.


  • Comes with a sleek and small design, which makes it quite portable.
  • Comes with great rubber handles.
  • Constructed from strong stainless steel that ensures it last long.
  • Features an elegant design.


  • A bit small for some tasks.