The Best Fishing Kayaks Under $700

The Top 10 Best Fishing Kayaks under $700

1. For the fisherman who isn’t sure what kayak fishing is for him/her, getting an inflatable kayak seems like the wise thing to do.

The Intex Challenger K1 Kayak, 1-Person Inflatable Kayak Set is one valid kayak that is quite a surprise for the money. Not only that it’s made with long-lasting welded material, but it also presents clear graphics that make you easier to spot on the slow-moving river or lakes.

The kayak is made with Dura-Beam Technology, which results in a long-lasting and comfortable model. It also comes with Super-Tough Airbed which ensures comfort, support, and stability. The high-strength polyester fibers don’t stretch in time.

The cockpit is comfortable and offers enough leg space. The inflatable cockpit has I-beam floors for better stability, whereas the inflatable seat has a comfortable backrest.

The kayak comes with an 84-in aluminum oar, hi-output manual hand pump, and repair patch. Inflating and deflating the kayak is fast and easy.

The cargo net is going to allow you to store more gear, grabbing line on both ends of your kayak.

The skeg stays in place the and kayak tracks pretty straight, with a minimal swish.

Here’s the list of pros:

  • It’s made with long-lasting materials
  • It features visible graphics for safety on the slow-moving river and lake
  • It comes with inflatable cockpit and storage space
  • It tracks straight, and it’s dependable

The cons aren’t significant, but it’s fair that we list them:

  • The paddle is a bit flimsy
  • It leans to the right

No matter the minor problems, for the impressive list of good things and the low price, the kayak is worth to try if you’re still sitting on the fence about committing to a more expensive fishing kayak.

2. If you’re interested in kayak fishing, but you don’t have the money for a long lasting kayak just yet, you should take your chance with an inflatable kayak. The Sevylor Tahiti Fishing/Hunting Inflatable Kayak is a dependable option and doesn’t break the bank either.

It’s a 2-person kayak that inflates/deflates fast and easy. You can use it for your fishing or hunting for the right amount of time as it’s made with heavy-duty 26-gauge PVC.

The build is good, and the kayak has two air chambers that ensure security and tubular I-beam floor for more stability. The inflatable seats are well designed, providing excellent back support. It includes an optional directional skeg for better control.

The kayak comes in a subtle camo color and has two spray covers for protection. It’s guaranteed not to leak due to its Sevylor Feets exclusive Airtight System. The Double-Lock valves reduce the risk for accidental air loss, easing both the inflation and the deflation.

It takes up to 400 pounds, and it’s NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) certified.

Here’s our list of good aspects:

  • It has generous space, and it’s comfortable
  • It inflates/deflates easy and fast
  • It comes in subtle camo color
  • It’s well made, lightweight and dependable

The list of downsides is concise:

  • You do need to use the skeg
  • The seat rides a bit low

In spite of the minor problems, the kayak is a lightweight, reliable, inflatable model that many fishers with a tight budget are going to be willing to try.

3. For the fisherman that goes shopping on a fixed budget, the SUN DOLPHIN Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak is a great option to write down on the shopping list.

The kayak isn’t just lightweight or easy to carry, but it also comes with many features that any fisherman is going to enjoy using. The handles, for instance, are retractable which is a nice feature to have on a fishing kayak.

It’s easy to track, and to paddle, the kayak and the stability are pretty good too. We also have to notice the one swivel fishing rod holder and the two flush mount holders.

The seating area is comfortable and large, whereas the seat is padded and easy to adjust for increased comfort. The protective thigh pads sure make the use a lot more comfortable. The cockpit is open so getting in/out of the kayak is a breeze. The foot braces are also easy to adjust, and the storage compartments are generous.

The kayak is self-bailing, so no worries on water staying inside the kayak. The kayak comes with shock cord deck rigging and P.A.C. (Portable Accessory Carrier) which you may use for extra storage.

Made with tough UV-stabilized Fortiflex High-density polyethylene, the kayak is an excellent value for the money, and its water bottle holder may seal the deal for some. It’s a solid option for lakes, rivers, and the difficult-to-reach fishing spots.

Here’s what we like most about it:

  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry
  • It comes with retractable carrying handles and PAC
  • It features rod holders and generous storage space
  • It’s easy to track and paddle and quite comfortable

Don’t let the minor problems throw you off:

  • Some expected to be made better
  • Once you stop paddling, you need to readjust your position

Even if it’s not perfect, the kayak is still a dependable and lightweight choice that doesn’t disappoint for the buck you’re paying.

4. If you’re looking for a lightweight inflatable kayak, the Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport Kayak Fishing Package is one of the most reliable options to try out there.

Don’t let the weight of the kayak throw you off (32lbs), as this one is strong and sturdy, despite its looks. It can carry three people or 650lbs.

The build is good, and the kayak provides useful storage space for your fishing gear, river running voyage or camping experience that you’re planning.

The form and the function are the main reasons for which the kayak is one of the most popular choices within the inflatable kayaks for fishing.

The kayak features two molded skegs which give you more speed and less strain effort on your arms. The skegs are made with tough molded plastic that doesn’t break when running on the beach or hitting rocks.

The Sport Fishing Package comes with Multi-Purpose storage box with two-rod holders, which is excellent news for any fisherman with a limited budget. The kayak also comes with a reliable paddle, small repair kit, carry bag and a foot pump.

Let’s take a look at the best parts about the kayak:

  • It’s lightweight and tough
  • It’s made with good quality materials
  • It has a capacity for three persons or 650lbs
  • It’s easy to use and dependable, inflating in only 8 minutes

The cons are nothing to worry about:

  • It’s not self-bailing, but it does feature a self-bailing drain plug that you can use for the rough waters
  • Not everyone goes for the blue-white color combo

Regardless of the minor issues, the kayak is still an excellent choice for the fisherman that is searching high and low for an inflatable, lightweight and dependable kayak.

5. Anglers are merely going to enjoy the long lifespan of the Sun Dolphin Excursion 10-Foot Sit-in Fishing Kayak. Lightweight and easy to carry, the kayak is a perfect option for lakes and rivers.

It tracks and paddles easy, without sacrificing on the stability. It features two flush mount rod holders and one swivel rod holders, which anglers are going to enjoy.

The build has durability feel to it, and the kayak is made with tough UV-stabilized Fortiflex high-density polyethylene. The kayak is durable and lightweight at the same time, which only makes it more valuable.

The design is well thought-out, and the kayak comes with a large and open cockpit that provides adjustable foot braces and a comfortable padded seat. The storage compartment is generous, and the kayak comes with shock cord deck rigging.

The protective thigh pads, the adjustable foot braces, and the paddle holder increase the comfort and functionality of the kayak. It even includes a water bottle holder, which makes it even more versatile.

Stable and easy to maneuver, the kayak is great for lakes and rivers. It offers plenty of room for your legs, and it’s easy to carry around too.

Here’s our list of favs:

  • It’s excellent for anglers on lakes and rivers
  • It tracks and paddles easy
  • It’s lightweight, durable and easy to carry around
  • It includes many features and has durability feel to it

We’re not going to change our mind over some minor flaws:

  • It could use more storage space, according to some
  • The sides are a tad flimsy

However, as it’s comfortable, lightweight, dependable and easy to maneuver without sacrificing the stability, the kayak still makes it as a solid choice for the anglers fishing on lakes or rivers.

6. There are many things to like about the Emotion Spitfire Sit-On-Top Kayak, even if its looks are going to be the very first thing to notice.

The kayak comes with UltraLite seat and built-in padded CRS, so no worries on the comfort level. It features rear Tankwell with Cargo Net lacing for storing your fishing gear. Its storage hatch gives more storage space beneath the deck.

The side carry handles make the transportation a breeze, especially since the kayak sits on the lightweight side. It also comes with molded-in paddle keepers and molded-in freedom footwells for secure foot bracing and increased comfort.

You shouldn’t stress about getting wet as the kayak has self-bailing scupper holes which drain water from the tankwell and the cockpit. The front and read handles make it easy to carry the kayak around.

The hull design ensures stability and effective tracking.

The kayak is made with UV-protected high-density polyethylene, taking the use for a right amount of time.

Easy to use and lightweight, the kayak takes even the choppy waters and satisfies most fishers.

Listing the good parts briefly:

  • It’s comfortable and easy to use
  • It comes with many features that increase comfort and easiness of use
  • It’s lightweight and has self-bailing scupper holes
  • It comes with handles and storage space

We need to list the parts we like less too:

  • As the storage space is rather long, finding and reaching the smaller items is going to be tricky
  • It could track better

As the good outweighs the bad, you shouldn’t hold back from trying the kayak when planning some fishing.

7. Responsive and stable, the Ocean Kayak Frenzy One-Person Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak is going to track well on flat water.

It comes with Ocean Kayak’s renowned Tri-Form hull which combines both primary and secondary stability. It features long center keel, keeping the paddler going straight.

The kayak also comes with long-lasting and four-way-adjustable Comfort Plus seat which ensures excellent and comfortable support throughout the day, no matter your body type.

The storage space isn’t bad at all, and you can also store your essential in the stern tank well with the loose bungees and bow deck bungee.

The molded-in side handles, bow and stern carrying handle ease out the launching and the carrying of the kayak. The kayak is lightweight.

The kayak is easy to maneuver and to paddle. It has stability, and it’s very well made. The finishes are impressive, and the kayak is worth every single penny.

Here’s how the list of pros looks like:

  • It’s responsive and stable
  • It’s very well made and has a fantastic finish
  • It’s comfortable and easy to paddle
  • The stability is efficient, and the storage space is generous

In all fairness, we also have to mention the cons:

  • The seat may feel a bit snug to some
  • It doesn’t come with a paddle

Bear in mind that the kayak is going to take the use for the right amount of time and its features are nowhere near to disappointing a fisherman. Why not give it a chance?

8. The fisherman looking for a kayak that also looks cool, without compromising on the build or features, should take a leap of faith with the Perception R15 Pescadors 100 Kayak.

Apart from its looks that are going to make a pleasant first impression, the kayak brings so many other good things to the table.

The kayak comes with a Comfort Seating System (CSS) which means that no fisherman is going to find less than comfortable the kayak. The attention to the design is impressive as the kayak comes with molded-in footwell.

It also includes tank well with bungee, bow hatch and stern day hatch. It’s rather easy to carry around.

It’s a wide kayak that provides excellent stability and plenty of storage space. It’s easy to navigate and tracks very well too.

The kayak is well made and has durability feel to it. Its colors are great, and you’re not going to get unnoticed when using it.

Here’s our list of good things:

  • It’s comfortable and dependable
  • It provides good storage space
  • It’s easy to navigate and to carry around
  • It has a great look

The downsides aren’t deal breakers for us:

  • It may not be the best option for a big and tall person
  • It doesn’t come with rod holders

All things considered, as it’s comfortable, reliable and easy to paddle, the kayak still makes it as a great looking and robust model for the fishermen out there.

9. Tracking nicely and comfortable to paddle, the SUN DOLPHIN Bali SS 12-Foot Sit-on-top Kayak is going to make many fishermen happy with their choice.

The stability of the kayak is, and the kayak manages to be lightweight too. It provides an extensive and comfortable seating area. The seating area is adjustable and removable. It features protective thigh pads, paddle holder and even foot braces that are easy to adjust.

The storage compartment is useful and has shock cord deck rigging. The open cockpit ensures easy in/out of the kayak.

The kayak is made with tough UV-stabilized Fortiflex High-density polyethylene, taking the use for a right amount of time.

The design is impressive for fishing as the kayak features a rod holder and a small table between the legs. You can also notice two-rod holders behind the cockpit.

Comfortable, stable and easy to paddle, the kayak is a solid choice for many fishers out there.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • It tracks and paddles easy
  • It provides reliable stability and versatility
  • It’s lightweight, easy to carry and offers a nice seating area
  • It’s adjustable on many levels and comes with rod holders

The inherent flaws are nothing to worry about:

  • It doesn’t have a side handle, which makes carrying a bit tricky
  • It doesn’t have seat pad on the bottom

All in all, for the stability, versatility, adjustability, and features, the kayak still stands as a dependable option for anyone who likes kayak fishing.

10. For anyone planning to fish with a friend, the BKC UH-TK181 12-Foot 5-inch Sit On Top Tandem 2 Person Fishing Kayak is one model to try.

The kayak features three well-designed fishing rod holders and four flush-mounted rod holders. Therefore, you’re going to be able to get several lines in the water at the same time.

You’re going to find the watertight storage hatches helpful. The twin watertight storage compartments are between each paddler’s legs.

The kayak includes two secure paddle rests, so it’s easier for you to use your hands for something else, without worrying about losing the paddles.

The design is well thought out, and the kayak also comes with inset rear cargo area with secure bungee tie-down system. It allows you to store the larger gear and maybe some extra clothing.

Let’s not forget the several carrying handles which make the kayak easier to carry around.

It’s a two-person kayak to take on an ocean fishing trip or down a lazy river when trolling motor attached. Its stability is dependable, and the kayak is easy to paddle and to control. It handles two full-grown adults and their gear, up to 440-pound load capacity.

You shouldn’t worry about getting wet thanks to the eight scupper holes that drain any water in no time. On top of everything, the kayak comes with high-quality aluminum paddles and two kayak seats.

Here’s our list of favorite things:

  • It has a pretty design and built
  • It comes with rod holders, two seats and two paddles
  • It provides excellent storage space and doesn’t get wet
  • It’s easy to control and to paddle

Bells and whistles aside, here are the negative parts:

  • It’s a bit large and bulky
  • The handles aren’t molded

As long as you stay focused on the good parts (which are impressive), you should take the plunge and get the kayak for you and anyone who’s accompanying you when fishing.