The Best Fishing Kayaks Under $600

Fishing kayaks are taking the market by storm. They have become a very convenient alternative to the traditional boats and we all find them cool. However, buying a kayak on a tight budget can be very engaging. This is due to the need to have a good kayak without spending a fortune. There are also very many kayak models today and a new customer may not know what to features to look out for. We came up with a list of products that we consider the best based on the following criteria.

As you buy a kayak, have yourself in mind. You need a kayak which you can paddle comfortably without hurting or straining any part of your body. Some of the features that guarantee comfort in a kayak include seats, cushions, backrests, footrests and side handles. The products that we reviewed have at least one of these features for ultimate comfort.

This is an aspect of any kayak that you can never overlook. It is the key thing that determines how you fare on water. wider kayaks are likely to be stable on water and easy to use on a variety of water bodies.

Yes, this is the prime factor in this collection. All the products reviewed in this piece cost below $600. It is a great collection for buyers on a budget.

Accessories included
The products reviewed here come with almost all necessary accessories that you may need for a smooth day outdoors. Having the accessories included in the package helps in reducing extra costs.

TOP 5 fishing kayaks under $600 Reviews

1. Ocean kayak frenzy sit-on-top (4.8)

The ocean kayak frenzy sit-on-top is steadily gaining popularity in the market, with the rise of kayak use. If you need a day of laid-back paddling, this is the product to go for. It gives you a priceless kayaking experience without having to spend too much. Paddling can never be troublesome and boring with this kayak. Here is why;

It is stable on the water.

This kayak has a wide base that gives it incredible stability on the water. this particular feature makes it a great choice for beginners. People who are learning how to paddle can use this product without the fear of toppling over. it also makes it a preference for use in rivers and other water masses that are not calm.

Features and specifications.

  • It can hold up to a maximum of 325 pounds,
  • It has scupper holes that enhance its self-bailing ability,
  • It has footrests that keep you comfortable,
  • It has carrying handles that are mounted on each side of the kayak,
  • It has an inbuilt cupholder,
  • It has a tank well that has a removable bungee,
  • It has a triform hull for stability.
  • It weighs 44lbs,
  • It measures 9 feet long and 31 inches in width,
  • It has an adjustable seat which is padded for comfort,
  • It has a rear skid plate that protects it from tear and wears,
  • It comes with an aluminum paddle.


  • It is versatile; can be used for scuba diving and fishing,
  • It is stable in water,
  • It is lightweight and easy to transport,
  • It is comfortable,
  • It has plenty of storage room where you can keep your fish or diving equipment,
  • It has a lot of space for the legs and hence it is suitable for both kids and adults.
  • It is durable.
  • It is easy to maneuver and has great tracking.


  • the seat may not be sufficient for weighty users.

Price: The product is affordable and its performance is great.


This kayak is ideal for beginners and people who like shopping on budget. It is good for both fishing and recreational kayaking.

2. Old town canoes and kayaks vapor 10 recreational. (4.6)

Sometimes some time alone does justice to introverts and loners. Well, this product is good for those who enjoy afternoons or weekends of kayaking all by themselves. This single user kayak is assembled with all your needs in consideration to give you the best experience ever. The features help you to comfortably paddle the kayak without straining.

It is durable.

This kayak is unbelievably made from single- layer polyethylene and yet it is very strong. One can comfortably use it in rivers, lakes, and ponds without the fear of hitting ricks or teas and wear. The polyethylene is UV protected to ensure that it does not fade easily.

Features and specifications.

  • It has a comfortable seat
  • It has a cockpit rim paddle rest.
  • It has footrests for added comfort.
  • It has a storage compartment.
  • It comes with protective knee pads
  • It weighs 47 pounds.


  • It is stable enough to survive in rivers,
  • It maneuvers well without straining,
  • It is durable,
  • It is easy to use and transport due to its lightweight,
  • It has a large cockpit area that doubles up as an extra storage space,
  • It is easy to clean,
  • It is easy to assemble,
  • It is beautifully designed,
  • It does not leak water inside,
  • It has a big storage compartment enough to carry accessories and keep fish,
  • It can be easily used in shallow waters without the fear of tearing,
  • It is spacious to include a pet while paddling,
  • It is easy to launch on water and get out.


  • Loading it to the car may be a bit hard after use.

Price: The price is just but a bonus. It is affordable and it gives great service. You won’t regret spending on this kayak.


This kayak is a great addition to people who love sole adventure. With its small size, it can be good for travelers since it fits well in the back of an SUV.

3. Intex Challenger K1 kayak. (4.3)

This kayak is a good definition of simplicity and performance. It is a creatively designed to ensure that it still outdoes competition without much sophistication. Having been in the market since 2008, it has proved that it is sustainable and that it will still be around. It is a collection of excellent features, which together contribute to accord you the best fishing and kayaking experience whenever you use the product.

It has eye-catching graphics.

These are for added visibility whenever you go fishing. it will keep you safe from other fishermen and cruisers and avoid unnecessary danger. The visible graphics come in handy in case of an emergency by making other people to easily locate you. The graphics also add to the aesthetic value of the kayak and make it more appealing to the eye.

Features and specifications.

  • It has an I-beam floor for stability,
  • It comes with an inflatable seat and backrest for comfort,
  • Comes with an aluminum oar, 84 inches in size,
  • It has a manual pump that helps in inflating and deflating the pump,
  • It comes with a patch repair kit to help in case of emergency,
  • It weighs 27.2 pounds,
  • It holds a maximum weight of 220 pounds,
  • It has a cargo next where one can store an extra gear,
  • It measures 30 by 105 by 108 in width, height and length,
  • It comes with a removable skeg for easy tracking,
  • The kayak is inflatable,
  • It comes with a storage bag for easy transportation.


  • It is easy to set- up and take down after use,
  • It is light and easy to carry,
  • It is foldable and hence saves on space,
  • It is easy to clean,
  • It maneuvers well in rivers and lakes and with it you can fish in the secluded spots,
  • It is comfortable to use,
  • It is beautifully designed,
  • It is sturdy and safe.,
  • It is durable and resistant to tear and wear.


  • It is not a fast kayak and may not be good for sporting.

Price: This product is affordable and performs so well.


It is a perfect idea gift. It is suitable for people who fish in rivers and ponds.

4. Lifetime sports fisher tandem Kayak. (4.0)

This product is from the legendary lifetime company. It boasts of a collection of ultra-modern features that help to make your fishing experience incredible. Its design and workmanship bring out a perfect blend of creativity and performance. This boat bridges the gaps of its predecessors, which attributes to its ever-growing popularity and customer preference. below is a review that gives you a glimpse of what to expect in this masterpiece.

Different fishing positions.

Most kayaks are not stable enough to support more than one fishing position. However, this is not the case with this product. The tunnel hull design makes the kayak stable such that you can fish while standing or sitting in the side-saddle. With so much choice at your disposal, fishing can only be fun.

Features and specifications.

  • It has clips and paddle clips for securing the paddle when not being used.
  • It has multiple footrests,
  • Comes with a cup holder for your drinks,
  • It has 3 fishing pole holders,
  • It has multiple storage compartments including a front cargo area,
  • It can accommodate 3 people of up to 500lbs weight,
  • It has scupper holes for self -draining,
  • It is made of UV- protected High-Density polyethylene,
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty,
  • It weighs 60 pounds.


  • It is durable and doesn’t fade or chip easily
  • It is beautifully designed,
  • It is light and easily transportable,
  • It is easy to use,
  • It is easy to store,
  • It’s comfortable and safe to use,
  • It has plenty of storage space that makes it easy to carry along extra items.
  • It is spacious.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is stable and maneuvers well on water.
  • It can be used for both fishing or recreational kayaking.


  • It may be hard to get into this kayak until you know that you enter from the sides,
  • It has no carrying handles on the sides, which may make it hard to handle after use.

Price: This product can be quite pricey but it is worth the money, it is a one- time investment which you won’t have to replace every now and then.


It is a perfect gift idea and can be used for leisure or fishing.

5. Intex Excursion 5 boat. (4.1)

Kayaking with friends will always be exciting with this boat. It has completely overturned kayaking from a sole or 2 -people affair and now can have fun together in this amazing boat. It is super buoyant which makes it possible to venture in many water masses like rivers, calm lakes, ponds, and streams. It is convenient and buying it will not strain your budget at all. It comes with a handful of accessories that will make fishing easier for you.

It can accommodate 5 people.

Yes! This boat comfortably accommodates 5 people without the risk of sinking or becoming faulty. There is no better way of having an adventurous weekend than getting downstream in this boat.

Features and specifications.

  • It has 1 gear pouch,
  • It is inflatable and dilatable,
  • It comes with a high-output pump,
  • It has 2 inflatable seats with backrests for comfort,
  • Comes with 2 aluminum paddles it is made of tough Vinyl for durability,
  • It has 3 air chambers which enhance buoyancy,
  • It has Boston Valves on each chamber for easy deflating,
  • It has a wide floor for comfort,
  • It has 2 oar locks on each side,
  • It has a motor mount fitting,
  • It weighs53 pounds,
  • It comes with a patch-repair kit.


  • It is stable and easy to maneuver on water,
  • It is easy to set-up and take down after use,
  • It is comfortable,
  • It is spacious,
  • With its shape, one can access the secluded fishing spots with ease,
  • It is versatile, can be used for fishing or recreational purposes,
  • It is strong and durable,
  • It is light and easily portable,
  • it is easy to clean


  • In case of a serious puncture, it could be life-threatening for poor swimmers,
  • Inflating the boat can be very exhausting,
  • One has to be careful with weight to avoid accidents.

Price: This product is affordable and gives value for money. It performs incredibly and has negligible return rates.


This boat is highly recommended for people who like having group fishing or other water recreational activities. It is good for travelers and can be given as a gift.