The Best Fishing Kayaks Under $400

Fishing kayaks have undergone a lot of developments in the recent past. This has led to a stiff competition in an effort to win customers. With a lot of creativity finding its way to the market each day, it becomes hard to come up with a list of the best low-end fishing kayaks. However, the following are some of the qualities I considered to come up with a list of products that are good for customers on a budget below $400.

Whether it’s the traditional or the new inflatable kayak, comfort is necessary. Most of the products reviewed have seats and back support which makes recreation an awesome experience. Some have inflatable cushions for ultimate comfort. The kayaks designed for kids may not have seats because kids can be jumpy.

Cost- effectiveness: All the products reviewed are below $400. The reviews are meant to suit low-end customers.

Performance: The products reviewed here are well known for excellent performance. They deliver value for money. Their features are well crafted to ensure that they serve you without unnecessary repairs and breakdowns.

When having fun in the water, it’s very important that all measures pertaining to safety are in place. The products reviewed here have a variety of features and accessories to ensure that you are safe on the water. these range from airbags, repair kits and fins that enhance stability.

Ease of use: A kayak should be easy to operate, whether it’s designed for kids or adults. It should not pose functional difficulties. Most of the products can be easily controlled by one person. They are also easy to maneuver, with the ability to access the secluded fishing points in water bodies.

Everybody loves space. Most of the products have enough space to stretch your legs and can accommodate more than one person. They have storage compartments which can be used for extra luggage and as freezing points.

TOP 6 Fishing Kayaks under $400 Reviews

1).  Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2 Inflatable Kayak

This kayak is unique and stands out amidst the exploding competition in its field. It is uniquely designed for maximum comfort, performance, and durability. With all the sophistication, it is still simple to operate.

It is uniquely designed.

There are some features of this kayak that make it different from the rest. It has a multi-layer construction which makes it strong enough highly resistant to punctures, oil, and gasoline. The PVC Tarpaulin hull material contributes to its durability.

Features and specifications

  • It has bungee lacing on the deck and D-rings,
  • It has a draining system which also helps in cleaning,
  • Comes with a repair kit and duffel bag,
  • It comes with a 600 D cover made of polyester,
  • It has grab handles for portability,
  • It has a rocker and a pointed bow for performance,
  • It has a deep tracking fin for directional stability,
  • It has 3 seating positions,
  • It weighs 38.4 pounds.


  • It is comfortable,
  • It is spacious,
  • It is easy to assemble and take down,
  • It is easily portable,
  • It is strong and durable,
  • It saves on storage space,
  • It has maximum stability on water,
  • It is easy to drain and clean.


  • It has no self- bailing capability,
  • It has one fin, which may make it cumbersome with only one-person rowing.

Price: The product is pricey but it is worth the money. Its excellent features make it worth every effort.

Recommendation: It is suitable for enthusiasts of recreational kayaking. People who love small group activities or fishing with their pets on board can also find it helpful.

2).  Old town canoes &kayaks Heron junior kids kayak

This kayak can transform your days in the water with the kids to really great ones, this boat is specially designed to give your kids that wonderful experience they deserve while kayaking. If you want to see them trying to outdo you on the water, this kayak is a great deal.  it is a perfect combination of elegance and performance that will have your kids always anticipating for the next day in the water.

It has a tag along tow system.

This kayak has a tow system with which you can tie it to your kayak and hook it up as you go for extra fishing rounds or workout. This tow is also helpful to parents whose children are curious and are at risk of drowning in the water if left alone. It allows the parent to keep an eye on their kids if they are paddling in say a lake.

Features and specifications.

  • It is very light, weighing only 26 pounds,
  • It has an internal foam billet which allows it to float,
  • It has a seat and back,
  • It is just designed for kids,
  • Can accommodate a load of up to 115 pounds.
  • It is made of polyethylene.


  • It is durable,
  • It is small in size making it easy to maneuver,
  • It is comfortable,
  • It is easy to paddle,
  • It can be used by beginners in kayaking,
  • It is beautifully designed,
  • It tracks well and is highly stable.


  • It has to be used under the watch of an adult.

Price: This product is affordable and delivers amazing results.

Recommendation: This kayak is suitable for parents who are training kids on kayaking or their kids are kayaking beginners. It is also a good product for people who like keeping an eye on their children. Also, it can even be a gift and if you are determined in search of one you can choose one from here.

3).  Lifetime Youth 6 feet wave Kayak

Kids love having fun too. This product redefines recreational kayaking with the exemplary features that make it the best deal for parents. It is recommended for kids aged 5 years and above.

It has a swim-up deck.

This makes it easy for the paddler to re-enter it from the water. The back slopes well and can be easily gripped for one to jump back into the kayak.

Features and specifications.

  • It is designed with twin fins for easy surfing,
  • it has handles on each side,
  • It has a reverse chine,
  • It has scupper holes for draining the cockpit,
  • The cockpit is ergonomically designed for proper balancing,
  • It has molded paddle cradle,
  • It is constructed using High-Density Polythene,
  • It is UV-protected,
  • It weighs 18 pounds,
  • It can accommodate a capacity of 130lbs.


  • It is durable,
  • It is easily portable with molded finger handles on the sides,
  • It is stable in water,
  • It floats easily,
  • It is safe for use by kids,
  • It is strong and does not easily crack or fad,
  • It is easy to surf and ride,
  • It can be used by peddlers of different sizes,
  • It cannot easily sink as the scupper holes empty water from the cockpit.
  • It is easy to re-enter from the water,
  • It is easy to store,
  • It is comfortable.


  • It does not come with a seat and back, which may make it cumbersome.
  • It is not suitable for long-distance rides,
  • Kids must use it under adult supervision.

Price: The product is affordable and it’s a one-time investment that will serve you incredibly.

Recommendation: This Kayak is suitable for kids of 5 years and above. It is also good for youths and adults.

4).  Sun Dolphin Excursion 10-foot sit-in Fishing Kayak

This Kayak is simple yet you can count on it for awesome times in the water.  it simplifies paddling and is made to ensure that you are safe and don’t struggle in the water for any reason. Its features are creatively put together to maximize the ease in which you maneuver in the pond, lake or river. This ranges from its shape to the paddle size and weight of the product.

It is spacious.

Sometimes you just need to get into the kayak with some extra items. This Kayak has sufficient space enough for you to stretch your legs in the middle of a long ride. Space also ensures that you can catch some more fish or carry some snacks to bite on. One more thing that makes this kayak an interesting one is the fact that it has a storage compartment. The large cockpit area in the front can also be used for storage as it is open.

Features and specifications.

  • It weighs 47 pounds,
  • It has two types of rod holders; 2 mount rod holders and 1 swivel rod holder.
  • It is made of High-Density polythene,
  • It is UV-protected using rugged Fortiflex,
  • It has an open cockpit,
  • It has a water bottle holder,
  • It has adjustable foot braces,
  • It has protective thigh pads,
  • It is designed with an adjustable padded seat.
  • It holds up to 250lbs.


  • It is light and easily portable,
  • It is spacious,
  • It can be used to maneuver into secluded fishing spots,
  • It is highly stable.
  • It is easy to ride and surf,
  • It is comfortable,
  • It can be used by paddlers of varied weights.


  • It does not have a drainage system. It could be life- endangering if it fills up.

Price: This product may be pricey but it is worth the money.

Recommendations: This product is good for people who love kayaking in rivers, lakes and small ponds. It is a perfect idea for gifts.

5).  Intex explorer k2 kayak

This is absolutely a wonderful product that allows you to experience Kayaking wherever you want. Its sporty look will raise your enthusiasm. It is a portable kayak that is inflatable and deflatable at choice. With this flexibility, one doesn’t need an alternative kayak that occupies a lot of space in the storage area. It is a complete revolution to the traditional kayak design and has definitely won the hearts of many.

 It is inflatable and deflatable at choice.

This product can be inflated for use and deflated after use. This makes it very convenient for people who need a kayak that doesn’t consume a lot of space at home. The seats, which are removable can also be inflated or deflated. The kayak comes with an instant high-output pump to facilitate the process.

Features and specifications.

  • It is yellow in color with sporty graphics,
  • It’s constructed using rugged vinyl that makes it sturdy,
  • It has a removable skeg,
  • It has a Boston valve on both sides to aid in inflation and deflation,
  • It comes with a repair patch kit,
  • It comes with 2, 86” aluminum oars for paddling,
  • It can accommodate 2 adults.


  • It is portable,
  • It is easy to assemble,
  • Its bright yellow color makes it easily visible,
  • Its strong and cannot be easily punctured,
  • It is beautifully designed,
  • Saves on storage space,
  • It is safe to handle.
  • It is highly stable and can maneuver easily.
  • It is comfortable.
  • It is spacious.


  • It is only ideal for smaller water bodies.
  • It can be dangerous in case of a serious puncture.

Price: This product is affordable and reliable. It is a one-time investment that doesn’t disappoint.

Recommendation: This product is suitable for people who love fishing, travelers and those who mind saving on space. It is a perfect gift idea especially for those on budget.

6).  Intex Seahawk 4 Inflatable Boat

Kayaking can never be boring with 4 people on board. It is definitely an exhilarating moment that you never want to miss out on.  The Intex Seahawk 4 Inflatable Boat, makes this experience a reality with its sufficient space and sturdy features that make it possible to bear the weight. This boat is a true definition of dynamic sophistication.

It can accommodate 4 people.

This boat is designed with room enough to accommodate 4 adults. This makes it an ideal option for group outdoor adventure and fishing. It can also be good for family use.

Features and specifications.

  • It can hold up to 814 pounds,
  • It measures 133 by 19.5 by 50 inches,
  • It is inflatable,
  • Comes with a high-output pump and 2 aluminum oars,
  • It is made of a tough PVC vinyl that is resistant to damage, gasoline, and oil,
  • It has a fishing rod and oar holders,
  • It comes with a gear pouch and a Coast ID,
  • It has inflatable seats and cushions for ultimate comfort,
  • It has 2 air chambers for safety.


  • It is comfortable,
  • It is spacious and has a storage pouch for extra luggage,
  • It is easy to operate,
  • It is safe to use and easy to maneuver,
  • It is durable and strong,
  • It is cost- effective,
  • It saves on storage space,
  • It is portable.


  • Due to its big size, one can get easily tired of paddling

Price: The product is affordable, convenient and cost-effective.

Recommendation: This boat is suitable as a gift, and for people who would like to have recreational kayaking in groups.

You might think finding a fishing kayak under four hundred dollars would be impossible and if you did find one, it would be a piece of rubbish. However, that isn’t exactly true because there are many good kayaks that are very much affordable today. In fact, you can find some of the best fishing kayaks under 400. It is possible and if you are serious about taking up fishing but don’t have a big budget you may want to read on and find the best fishing kayak under $400.

Key Factors to Consider

First and foremost when you want a top quality fishing kayak, you have to look at a variety of key factors. This is technically an investment and if you plan to continue your kayak fishing hobby for a while then you want to ensure the investment is a good one. Essentially you need to think about what you are going to want and how much you want to spend. Now, if your budget doesn’t stretch over four hundred dollars, don’t panic because there are lots of great fishing kayaks available for a few hundred.

While money can be an important factor to consider when searching for the best fishing kayak under 400, so is what you like. If you don’t like a certain type of fishing kayak then don’t choose it even if it is under four hundred dollars. The reason why is very simple – you won’t use it and you are essentially wasting money. Instead of buying the wrong fishing kayak, you need to take your time to find a suitable one for you. This doesn’t mean you have to spend more than you need to but rather just taking a little longer to search for the right fishing kayak.

The Old Town Vapor 10 Angler

As the best fishing kayak under $400 (its price could vary though), the Old Town Vapor 10 Angler really stands out. Now, to be honest, this is more of an older model of fishing kayak available today but don’t let this fact put you off. This may not be an extremely new kayak but putting that to one side; it is still very much reliable and sturdy. The Old Town is a big name and it does have a habit of producing top quality kayaks and this one doesn’t let you down.

You wouldn’t expect an older kayak to be as good as some of the more modern ones but actually its better! Plus you get a nice comfortable interior and plenty of room on offer which means even if you are taking out two or three rods out with you, you shouldn’t have too many issues. There is enough room to take magazines to pass the time or even your lunch.

Transporting the Old Town Vapor can be very simple; there are carry handles built into the boat which is very useful and makes it easier to get from a home to a vehicle and to the water. Also, it isn’t overly large in length ensuring that keeping it safely stored whilst out of the water is much easier. The cockpit is perfectly spaced with plenty of room for stretching out when the legs feel tired and most should be able to sit comfortably as well.

This is a single passenger model and measures out to ten feet so it isn’t overly big but fair in size. It is less than fifty pounds in weight which again will make it a lot easier to carry around. It holds just over three hundred pounds in weight as well.