The Best Fishing Kayak Under $700

Fishing Kayak Under 700

As the best fishing kayak under $700, the Feel Free Moken 10 stands in at just over ten feet; ten four to be exact and that is perfect because it isn’t overly big but not too small either. It weighs around sixty pounds or so which isn’t a huge amount. You should be able to transport the kayak from your home to a vehicle and then to the water without any great difficulties. There is a wheel in the front and this should definitely make it easier to transport as well.

The kayak is able to hold around four hundred pounds in weight which is actually really good. This can be great for those on the smaller side as well as those on the larger side. You can still feel comfortable even if you are on the taller side and there will be plenty of room available.

The foot rests are a nice simple feature and you should be able to adjust your position easily also without having to worry about tipping over. Experts and beginners will like this kayak and it is suitable for calmer waters as well as some tougher conditions but it can vary on what you can handle. The seat is comfortable and nicely padded too so you can sit back and relax.

The bow of the kayak has storage space available with a cover to keep valuable safe and dry. At the stern there is also more storage available. However, the amount of storage space on offer for a ten footer fishing kayak is extremely good and should give most the ability to comfortably bring all the necessities for the day ahead. The two fishing rod holders is a nice feature and since this comes in well under seven hundred dollars, it helps to make it the best fishing kayak under 700.

First Look and Design

It might not be the most eye catching kayak but that can in fact be a good thing. It has a very simple design but one which stands out impressively and it is reliable. That is the crucial factor here because while many might not be attracted to the bright yellow shade of the fishing kayak, they will absolutely love the stability and reliability factors. However, the color yellow is really nice and appealing and since it’s a striking yellow you at least know you’ll never lose sight of the kayak, even on a foggy day.

Overall the Moken 10 is the best fishing kayak under 700 to consider. It isn’t overly expensive and does give all anglers the ability to get out there and enjoy the open waters. This might only be a single seat fishing kayak but it offers enough room and space for everything you will need on a fishing day trip.

Quality All Over

The great thing about the Feel Free Moken 10 fishing kayak is that you do get a sense you are safe even when drifting further from the shoreline. Kayaks as most will know aren’t always the sturdiest of vessels and that can put a lot of people off; but the Moken 10 is really very stable and sturdy. You do not have to worry too much about creating an imbalance because the kayak is so well balanced.

You can embark and disembark and still you don’t have to worry too much about causing an accident. Yes, you probably won’t want to jump up and down on the fishing kayak but if you use it correctly you shouldn’t have too many issues. This is truly one of the best fishing kayaks under 700 if not the best.