The Best Fishfinder GPS Combo

Features of fishfinder GPS Combos

If you are on the market for a fish finder, it will be worthwhile if you get yourself the best fishfinder GPS combo to accompany your purchase. There are lots of nice finders that have chart plotting and GPS built-in to them. Some GPS are designed to just show you the location on a clear map while others can help you plan your course. The main benefit of this that you will have fish finding and chart plotting capabilities, all in one.

With that in mind, getting the best fishfinder GPS combo isn’t always easy; hence, we took it upon ourselves to give you a review of the top devices on the market today. We followed the following criteria when doing our research:


Frequency is one of the main things that you should consider when getting a fishfinder GPS combo. A few dual frequency transducers have cones of 20 degrees and 60 degrees while others feature frequencies of 50, 83, 192, or 200. These frequencies are determined by the cone angle of the transducer.

Transducers that have higher frequencies, such as 192 or 200, work like a fish magnet while fishing in shallow waters. On the other hand, transducers with low frequencies are perfect for deep water fishing.

Note that gadgets with low frequencies show fewer details on their screen.

Power Consumption

Another vital thing you should consider is power consumption. Power is measured in watts (W) and more watts mean faster and better display of readings. Fewer watts mean fuzzier and slower display of reading.

You might be happy with a device of fewer watts if your objective is to go fishing in shallow water, but deep water fishing professionals should go for the highest watts possible.

Screen Resolution

This is another key feature that you shouldn’t ignore. Just like power consumption, a higher number of resolutions translate to accurate and clearer display of readings.


A key component of all fish finders is their transducers. The transducer is the main unit that sends and receives sonar wave, hence the functionality of the gadget will heavily depend on it.

A unit with a transom mount transducer is the best one as it is easy to mount and doesn’t require any complicated fitting.

Cone Angles and Beams

Cone angles are key as they determine how wide beams of a sonar wave your device will send. The wider the angle, the wider the beam and hence cover a larger area when it’s underwater.

Today, transducer cones come with angles of between 9 degrees to 60 degrees, and the majority fall between 16-20 degrees. A 20 degrees device is suitable for fishing in most depths of water.


The size of your device will be critical because it will determine the display size as well as the overall bulkiness of your fish finder.

A mid-sized device is perfect – it isn’t small that it can get lost easily and it isn’t large that’s hard to carry.

Other Features

Just like any other purchase, you want to get the latest model with the most accurate and fastest fish tracking as well as GPS technology.

This involves looking for precise features that you want, and when you are buying the best fishfinder GPS combo, there are lots of features to watch out for

Top 3 Best Fishfinder GPS Combos

1.)  Lowrance HDS-7 Gen 3 GPS

Lowrance HDS series has been improving over the past one decade. Like the norm, the unit provides superior software and hardware. Some of the key features of the HDS-7 Gen 3 include multi-touch screen and a standard navigation button. This is one of the most stable and reliable tools available for professional and novice user.

The unit comes with 2 transducers, which work on low of 83/200 kHz and a high of 455/800 kHz frequencies. Its structure scan enables the angler to operate the finder in either DownScan or SideScan mode with superb photographic image results. The temperature graph offers a clear reading of the water temperature in actual time.

Another great feature of this unit is the CHIRP tech that controls sonar pulses over a huge area of frequencies to offer maximum target differentiation. This tech enables the angler to clearly see any structure under the water, bait clouds, and vegetations as well as various species and sizes of fish.

Each device features a preloaded Insight USA chart for coastal and inland locations. Furthermore, its software comes with a general reference map – which is downloadable from the Lowrance’s website. The gadget also comes with a superb internal GPS system that features a 10Hz position update speed together with EGNOS/WAAS corrections for enhancing accuracy.


  • It is very easy to use this device due to its keypad and touch options.
  • The 7-inch device has a wide screen that displays the reading better.
  • It is resistant to water and quite reliable.
  • Comes with an integrated wireless connection that enables the user to stay connected when fishing.


  • The device is pretty expensive making it hard to acquire for some people.

2.)  Humminbird Helix 9 GPS

When you want an affordable unit without all the whistles and bells that side-imaging and down-imaging units provide, the Helix 9 GPS is the way to go. Introduced 2 years ago, the gadget comes with a sizable screen for clearer visibility. The unit also happens to feature some great innovations. The unit has the best GPS found in other Helix models.

The large 9 inches screen features a superb 16:9 widescreen ratio that makes every user appreciate the images shown in 800 by 480 p HD resolution. The backlighting makes sure you get the best images during the night and the unit is made using IPX7 waterproofing to protect it from rain and short-period water submersion.

The provided transducer uses effective transom mount and has a built-in water temperature that provides the correct water temperature when in use. The unit has a long 20 feet cable and has a temperature graph function, which shows the difference between the water currents under the surface and surface temperature.

Another key feature if this device is the sonar capability, which functions using 83/200 kHz frequencies. The sonar and DualBeam are able to function simultaneously to form images in blended or split-screen displays. At 200 kHz, the sonar is able to cover 20 degrees cone while 83 kHz covers a 60 degrees cone.


  • Multiple sonar functions including RTS, Bottom Look, Fish ID, and others.
  • A powerful transducer of XNT 9 SI 180 T and comes with a transom
  • Features screen snapshot functions and sonar recording.
  • Upgradable internal software that makes it easier to update the device.


  • Doesn’t come with CHIRP sonar, but it is cheaper.

3.)  Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro GPS

Surprisingly, Dragonfly 7 Pro is one of the most tech-savvy units out there. It is not only one of the best fishfinder GPS combos but also features full mobile compatibility for people who prefer to use phones and tablets.

Over the years, the unit has proven to be quite reliable for sonar equipment, big boats, and saltwater oriented fish finders. The finder comes with a cutting-edge CHIRP improved DownVision as well as a high-resolution display.

Priced at under $600, this unit is affordable when compared to other high-end finders out there. The major difference between this model and dragonfly 5 is that dragonfly 7 has a 7 inches screen that offers an 800 by 640 resolution. The unit was made to be an easy to use GPS/fish-finding unit that is ideal for a rookie and experienced anglers. The most amazing feature in its endless features is the high-intensity radar pulse for down vision tech.

This tech provides amazing, almost photo-like images from deep water fishing. A similar tech was only available on devices going for thousands of dollars. Its down vision sonar produces a wide, oval fan of impulses at different frequencies that when combined, offer superb clear images. The display is so clear that the info and difference between plant-life, solid formation, and fish are quite dramatic.


  • It is a portable unit that can be transported from one area to another.
  • Sonar GPS easily tracks the location and stores the history to an SD card.
  • The unit comes with easy to use controls and features.
  • You do not need to purchase additional accessories as it comes with everything you need.


  • The cable is quite short – you need an extension cable.

Having looked at the top 3 best fishfinder GPS combos, let’s turn to other categories:

Best Fishfinder GPS Combo Under $1000

Simrad NSS7 evo2 GPS Combo

Simrad is a Norwegian firm that has been producing professional fish finder gear and marine equipment for over 6 decades. The company brought this hardcore device to the fisherman and recreational boater. When joined with a structure total/scan transducer, the GPS combo puts professional-level abilities at your palms.

It is suitable for use as a sole multifunction display or as an integrated element of a glass cockpit structure and it comes with a multi-touch display with superb built-in CHIRP sonar and a high-quality 10Hz GLONASS/GPS receiver. The product is designed with effective offshore use in mind and it’s able to work with a total range of navigation, radar, engine control, and piloting systems.

The latest optimal GoFree Wi-Fi system enables you to network with tablets and phones, access the internet wirelessly, and download charts. The unit is perfect for Jeppesen C-MaP Max-N+ chart and all accompanying features. A unique push-to-enter rotary dial and keypad control system enables you to access the evo2 no matter the weather.

This rotary knob is the main feature that stands out because there is no other fishfinder/GPS with it – much easier to use than touchscreens when floating over the water. Simrad is a beautiful device that is well made for flush-mount uses – it comes with silver and black edges.


  • It is energy efficient as it uses less power.
  • The rotary knob is a great innovation that makes it easier to use when moving on water.
  • It is beautifully designed to make it attractive to the user’s eyes.
  • Works smoothly with your smartphone or tablet device.


  • It is quite costly.

Best Fishfinder GPS Combo Under $500

GarminEchoMap CHIRP 53dv

With the majority of fish finders, you need to depend on a rather small screen to view your next catch. To make things worse, some come in white and black, making it impossible to differentiate the fish from the terrain below. With this unit, luckily, you have the freedom of choosing the size of your screen to make it easier to view under the water.

The smallest version of this device in 4 inches wide, but you may choose a 9 inches screen. This is pretty useful for monitoring your GPS positioning and underwater landscape, making it more convenient when charting hotspots. What is even amazing is that every version comes with full color as well as high contrast, making it easier to see the fish.

One issue that arises with most fish finders is their inability to spot an individual fish. With Garmin, this is not the case as it has CHIRP sonar that sought out this issue. It produces up to 500w which offers crisper and cleaner lines so that you can see your next fish and the one to let go.

The fact that Garmin has been producing GPS for cars makes it even suitable for producing fishfinder GPS combos.


  • The unit comes in a strong and durable construction to ensure that it lasts you decades.
  • It features superb full-color display for better viewing.
  • Comes with an easy-to-use menu which is suitable even for novice users.
  • Features a built-in GPS for tracking hotspots and for positioning.


  • Its map is not complete, so you will need to download a new one.

Best Fishfinder GPS Combo Under $300

Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro Sonar

The Dragonfly 4 Pro is a Wi-Fi enabled finder that connects to a tablet or phone to provide a wide range of capabilities and functions. It comes in a solid, portable package that functions well as a kayak fishing element. Actually, you will be surprised at the number of features present in this unit.

The unit comes with a transom-mount transducer to provide 2 channels CHIRP sonar with a reasonable-scale DiwnVision ability that provides detailed pictures of underwater that this tech has become reputable for. One channel, fish targeting one, produces a conical beam that enables you to see all the details. Deepwater abilities to 600-foot and fast-speed underwater tracking ability are amazing qualities to get on a small device like this.

It also comes with a 72 channels GPS with waypoint and ordinary tracking abilities and the device includes US river, lake, as well as coastal maps on a software that operates from an SD card. Its display is made with optically-bonded LCD tech and appears like a high-end phone screen. The unit has anti-fogging and weather resistant properties.


  • A great fish finder that goes for under $300.
  • It is suitable for kayak fishing.
  • It comes with basic map software that contains US lake, river, and coastal lines.
  • Quite surprising due to the number of features it provides when you consider its size and price.


  • It often picks up lots of screen glare.

Best Chartplotter Fishfinder Combo

Lowrance Elite 4 Fishfinder

One of the devices that you cannot go wrong with is the Lowrance Elite 4. This is a small unit suitable for canoes and kayaks but it has a wide range of functions. The fish finder has a hybrid dual imaging transducer that produces CHIRP sonar images in down imaging and broadband modes. Information is fed in a 4 inches color screen that has a superb resolution. It might be hard to pick your fish clearly but this is normal if the screen is small.

The sounding abilities can read underwater for up to 1,000-foot. The target resolution is pretty good enough to view the bait together with the fish. Its GPS antenna is built-in and the device has a detailed US map. Although the map isn’t the best in the industry, it still works well when finding fishing holes.

The case is quite strong and water resisted to IPx7 standards. The mounting base is firm and swivels and tilts as the unit vibrates under the water. The user interface is simple to use and the button control is well laid out, like a smartphone. This is the best fishfinder GPS combo when compared to others that go for under $300.


  • It is an affordable unit that goes for under $300.
  • The unit comes with a well-laid button system that makes it easy to operate.
  • Its GPS is quite accurate and comes with basic maps that outline fish holes.
  • Able to spot fish to a depth of over 1,000 feet.


  • The unit vibrates a lot which makes it unstable.

Best Boat GPS Fishfinder combo

Simrad GO9 XSE Chartplotter

The Simrad is a first-rate device and it is suitable for all anglers. This device is totally customizable to fit your boat and all offshore activities – from fishing to boating, to water sports. What is even amazing, it comes with a customizable screen that has shortcuts to all the features you use regularly and you can even add your taste by choosing your personalize wallpaper.

Sonar offers clear images of what is underwater – lake, ocean or river bottom. You will experience little trouble spotting your fish – small or large. The images you see are crisp and the information is easily refreshed to offer you with actual-time images. The unit has a cruise charting page that brings together charts and navigation data in a readable screen with the ability to edit the data to leave the most important one for your activities.

The unit’s Navionics cartography offers support to different platforms including NY Digital Charts, C-Map Max-N, and Insight Genesis. If you are the avid fisher, this best fishfinder GPS combo will surely pay for itself over a thousand times, in terms of fish you catch. The product ranges from around $600 to $1000, and all the models will pay for themselves.


  • The unit comes with an easy-to-use interface which makes it perfect for all users.
  • Its GPS works pretty well.
  • The unit looks beautiful on a boat.
  • Comes with a very bright widescreen display that enables you to see what’s underwater.


  • Does not support NOAA charts.

Best Lowrance GPS FishFinder Combo

Lowrance HDS-9 Gen 2

The Lowrance HDS-9 is a touch-screen GPS marine navigation unit that is easy to connect to a smartphone or tablet. It has everything that you would expect from a Lowrance product as well as other enhancements. The notable features of this unit include 9-inch, a high-resolution, and widescreen color touchscreen. It comes with a few fish-finding tools such as Sonar arrays and broadband radar for seamless navigation.

No marine navigation unit is complete without a sonar feature and the HDS Gen 2 Touch. This is why Lowrance HDS-9 has all these features as well as StructureScan HD and Down-and SideScan features that enables it to switch between modes. Another great thing about this unit is that you can spill the screen to view different parts and it stores the sonar history.

If you are tired of floating in uncharted water, this device connects with Insight Genesis to enable you to generate your own real-time personal maps. The product also provides navigation waypoints, 3D perspective, StructureMap, SIRIUS weather overlays, GPS integration, and Bing satellite maps. The 2 built-in SD card slots enable customization of HDS-9 touch Insight.


  • Easy-to-use touch-screen performance to save time when fishing.
  • Comes with an upgraded antenna for better connections.
  • Connects with phone and tablets with easy to enable you to the angler with them.
  • Features a multi-function touch-screen display for better viewing.


  • A bit expensive when compared to other Lowrance units.

Best Portable Fishfinder GPS Combo

Humminbird Helix 5 Di GPS/Sonar Combo

The Humminbird Helix 5 is one of the best fish finders on the market today. The fact that it is sold with a whole set of additional parts, it really provides value for your cash. When moving over the water, apparatus that give you the direction is quite important and this is what the built-in GPS for this unit does.

The unit is equipped with the latest components that ensure the fishing experience is fruitful and exciting. With a flip up the mount and a transducer, the gadget comes in handy for fixing on your fishing vessel. It uses the best precision navigation as well as fish finding tech to make sure that you spend less time in water that offers a catch. It also happens to come with a rotating head that aids you move smoothly on the water.

This portable unit is a darling for many anglers as they are able to install and uninstall it from their vessels with much ease. It is especially perfect for people who like quick catch and move on to the next chores of the day.


  • Comes with a built-in GPS chart plot with a superb internal Uni map cartography.
  • It comes with a one year warranty and is water resistance.
  • Features a 5 inches screen which also happens to be very bright.
  • Its micro-SD slot comes in handy when it comes to data storage.


  • The unit might be complicated to use for a person who hasn’t used it before.

Best Price GPS Fishfinder Combo

Garmin Striker 7SV

The Garmin Striker is the perfect choice for a person looking for an affordable yet effective fish finder with lots of features. Every unit comes with a traditional sonar, CHIRP SideVu and DownVu, and GPS. The amazing 7 inches, backlit screen is large enough to spot the fish and this is one of the best side-imaging gadgets you will get out there.

Installing the unit is quite easy and it sonar frequencies travel via the single transducer with ease. Through this, you don’t need to worry about controlling different sensors – one gadget handles all of them. The unit also comes with a trolling mount adapter which ensures that you don’t drill any hole in your boat. Simply attach the transducer to the motor mount and then install the motor.

Garmin gives you the choice of making your device portable. Simply pack it into a portable carrying case and you are good to go. Now you can use the unit on your kayak, canoe, or boat or for ice fishing.  The SideVu and DownVu sonar tech offer photographic-quality images of up to 750-foot below your vessel or 750-foot off each side.


  • Comes with dual frequency ability – 77/200 kHz or 50/200 kHz.
  • Different 2D sonar functions offered, such as Bottom Lock, A-Scope, Flasher, Slit Zoom, Fish Symbols, and others.
  • Comes with CHIRP sideVu and DownVu sonar.
  • Very easy to install and use.


  • Resets settings every time you shut it.

Best Fishfinder GPS Combo for Kayak

Signstek FF 003 Fish Finder

The Signtek FF 003 is an affordable fish finder that goes for under $300, it is portable, and is perfect for Kayak. Its display is one of its selling points as it comes with an LED front light and is sunlight readable. It is better when it is backlit and enables you to enjoy the nighttime adventure. The V240 x H160 resolution and 2.8 inches 512 hues TFT LCD screen can spot even the smallest of fish out there.

Unlike other devices in its line, this unit automatically starts collecting data once turned on. Its sonar needs to be cast from kayak, bridge, rock, boat, or bank, and the gadget will be ready for use. When it comes to the firm, Signstek is surely among the best. They have been producing top-quality marine gears for a while and it is reputable for its great customer care.

Many people who have bought this model have given it a 5-star rating. It is especially great due to its accurate depth and kayak owners argue that it is highly portable. It is also perfect for ice fishing – it will depend on how you want to use it.


  • The display can be read at night and during the day.
  • The producer offers great customer support.
  • The device is easy to use, the even Rockies can use it.
  • It is very affordable.


  • Might be a bit tricky to set up the sensitivity level.

Best Marine GPS Fishfinder Combo

Furuno GP1670F Marine Fishfinder and GPS

Furuno GP1670F is perfect for plotting water topography, mapping out habitats, finding schools of fish, and other functions. With this unit, you don’t need to worry about your fishing expenditure because it will always be a success. The unit features a 5.7 inches screen which allows for superb reading even when under direct sunlight.

Furthermore, the LCD is surrounded by an AR glass which deters fogging which might result in interfering with the image. So, rainy days, cold days, and humid days aren’t going to bring any problem. When it comes to the GPS antenna, its design makes it easy to install. The antenna also comes with a feature known as Rotor key, a revolving menu, and offers you with click operation.

The unit supports C-Map 4d charts offered by Jeppesen via an SD card to ensure that the dual range chart image will be clear. When it comes to memory, it offers you 30,000 track points or waypoint as well as 1,000 routes. The unit’s post-processing feature is used to display echoes on is the screen. What is even amazing is that replacement parts are easy to find.


Perfect for sunny days at sea, clear view.

  • It is very easy to install this device and even use it.
  • It provides more accurate as well as fun fishing adventure.
  • Comes with a huge memory capacity that stores a lot of data.


  • It is a bit expensive when you consider other units in its class.