The Basics Of Bass And Salmon Fishing

Fishing is a popular sport for many and there is nothing better than a spot of salmon or bass fishing. Now, salmon is different from bass but they are two of the most popular species of fish being hunted today. The following are the basics you may want to know about salmon and bass fishing.

Pre-Spawn Times Work Best For Bass

When you are fishing for bass, you are going to want to choose the opportune moment. There is no better time than pre-spawn. Now, the pre-spawn time is when the temperature of the water gets high and the bass start moving into the shallow regions. This is when you strike because there are tones of bass out there just waiting to be caught and you won’t get a better shot than this.

The Weather Control the Habits of Bass

You might not be aware of this but the weather can play a huge part in the rituals of the bass. For example, when the weather is poor and its rainy and generally damp and miserable, the bass will be out more enjoying the conditions. However, when the weather is extremely good and is hot, the bass aren’t going to like this. Remember, the warm sun can shine down onto the water and heat it up causing the bass to dislike it and seek shelter which means you won’t catch many.

Basically you have to adjust your fishing strategies accordingly. When the weather isn’t good for you, it’s probably best for the bass. So, if you plan to go out when the weather is hot and sunny you may have to do more work to catch even one bass.

Get Out Early and Find Drop off Points

The ideal time to catch bass would be first thing in the morning; usually most fish can be caught at this time simply because it’s when they get ready to feed. However, if the weather isn’t particularly nice outside, you may find the bass are easy to catch but it does depend on the weather and what mood they are in. You also need to consider searching for drop-off points too so that you can find where the bass seeks shelter. This may allow you to catch more without waiting hours.

Live Bait Is Needed

Artificial lures can be good on occasion however if you want the best chance for success you need to consider live bait. Worms are going to be the best options for you to consider when it comes to catching bass because they are more responsive to these. Of course, you may choose an artificial lure but live bait works a little better.

A Catch Is a Catch

Most people seem to think if they don’t catch a huge bass it’s a waste of time however that isn’t the case. Catching even one fish, no matter its size, is an achievement. There aren’t many people who can say they have caught a bass with little or no help so the size doesn’t matter. Of course if you manage to bag a big bass then you would have bragging rights until the end of time but don’t just focus on them.

The Basics of Catching Salmon

Anyone who has tried fishing for salmon before will know how tough it can be. Salmon is a strong fish and they are not easily caught. You have to know how to approach salmon fishing carefully as well as know how you can be successful. The following are a few basic pointers to remember whilst salmon fishing.

The Bait

The best bait for salmon fishing has to be eggs. Yes eggs – roe to be exact – but they work wonders. Now, you can easily purchase roe from local supermarkets or even make them yourself; it’s your choice. However, if you aren’t too keen on using roe you could always look at artificial lures which could help catch the salmon too. Just be careful, sometimes, actual bait works better than artificial bait.


Drifting is one of the best solutions to help catch salmon. The way this works is very simple, you set up your lines upstream but they drift down stream. When the line drifts away, it is drawn to the salmon and if they salmon like the bait they will come in for a bite. This is fast becoming a very popular route when it comes to salmon fishing.

A Permit Is Required

As you know fishing requires a license however, when you are going to set your sights on salmon, your license alone isn’t going to be enough. You are also going to need a special permit which allows you to catch salmon. Now, if you don’t get this permit and are found fishing for salmon you could end up in serious trouble. Every State has their own rules over this so be aware.

Keep Your Hooks Sharp

Salmon is one of the hardest types of fish to catch and they are quite strong. Their jaws are thick which means blunt hooks are not going to work; you need sharp hooks, very sharp. Keeping the hooks sharp is will be crucial when it comes to catching salmon and since you’re using sharper hooks, you need to be extra careful. Of course, if you want success with salmon fishing you are going to need the very best of the best hooks. You will also need to take extremely good care of them too.

Wait For Overcast Conditions

When it comes to fishing for salmon you are going to have to wait for the right weather conditions. This is often tough because salmon love overcast weather and you probably aren’t too keen on heading out at this time; however if you want salmon you need overcast weather. Yes, you could try hunting for salmon when the weather is a little more favorable but it makes it harder to succeed.

Dusk and dawn are two crucial timing points to consider along with overcast conditions. You are going to get the best light conditions during these times. Stay sharp and choose the prime time to go fishing for salmon.

Salmon and Bass – The Best on Offer

Knowing the basics about bass and salmon fishing can be very useful when you want to branch out into this field. Yes, bass and salmon are complicated at times but when you know what to do, catching them can be very easy. Learn the basics and become a competent fisher today by boat or bass fishing kayak.